Friday, 25 May 2012

Summer Challenge Day 4 : Orange Freestyle with Lynnderella

Hi Goddesses

So today is Orange Freestyle Day, which means you can do any orange mani of your choice.  Annoyingly, I had chosen to do a lot of orange posts recently, and didn't want to duplicate something I'd only just worn.   Step forward my nemesis - the jelly sandwich!

For some reason, I just CANNOT master this technique, and it bugs the shit out of me!  It's so simple really, and yet, no, can't do it.   A base of a creme or jelly polish, a layer of glitter, and a layer of jelly polish.  Simples, right ?   

This is 2 coats Barry M Block Orange, some Lynnderella goodness in the middle and OPI Y'All Come Back Ya Hear, on top.   Can you tell ?  Noooooooo.  Does it look like a jelly sandwich ?  Nooooooo.   I wish I'd just used the jelly, but even so, maybe the Lynnderella is too powerful to be sandwiched!  Ha ha.

So, which Lynns did I use?  I used my 2 recent purchases from Llarowe - 

* thumb, middle, pinkie = Lynnderella The Glittering Crowd
* index and ring = Lynnderella One Nutty Fruitcake

Both are spectacular, and both contain the holy grail of glitters - squares!  Tragically, I've had to swap The Glittering Crowd to get a bottle of DS Glamour, so if anyone knows of a spare, PLEASE let me know :)

TGC is more silver based, and has some crazy gorgeous bright glitter pieces in it - the purple and the red are especially dramatic.    ONF is similar, but with less silver, less of the "brights" and instead has an intense smattering of black glitter.

TGC is clearly the one the bigger brands duped.  It has a lot in common with Happy Birthday, Rainbow Connection et al, but it does have more pazzazz than either of them, and I'll try and get you a comparison post soon.

So yeh, jelly sandwich ..... hey, at least I was honest, I could have just pretended this was a Lynnderella swatch post lol.

Enjoy xx  :)

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