Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Summer Challenge Day 6 - Summer Sunrise

Hi Goddesses

Well, would you believe it, the sun is shining in England, so the little epilogue mani I've done for you isn't quite as hilarious now.

Sunrises in England tend to not be dramatic, so for this I went for a deeper interpretation of my Spring Sunrise (which you can see here).  I used - 

base = Bettina PepperMint
* CG Lemon Fizz
* OPI The It Color
* CG Papaya Punch

I used a sponge to apply the gradient, lining all my colours up in little stripes. I think that's why there seems to be so much depth to the mani, because the colours blurred and bled together, creating more than just 4 shades.

The eagle eyed amongst you may also recognise this as the base of my Sky's The Limit mani, where I reinterpreted it as a field of crops under the summer sky.

Speaking of which.....  the weather in the UK has been awful for the last 2 months, pretty much constant rain, and I also did this for today's mani until I decided it was too gothic.

This is the view I've had every morning driving to work - neon yellow fields of rapeseed under thunderous skies.  Not nice at all.  Hideous in fact lol.

So let's end with the cheerful one :)

Enjoy, and don't forget to check out the other Purple Crumpet Fairies :) xxx

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