Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Summer Challenge - Sunshine with NerdLacquer - Gorramit

Hi Goddesses 

Today's Summer Challenge is Sunshine, and I have cheated a little.  Rather than do a design, I picked a polish that to me looks like everything sunshine is :)

This is Gorramit from NerdLacquer's Serenity trio.  Kirsten does keep telling me, and I keep forgetting, what this Serenity thing is.  Trouble is, whenever I see, hear or think of this polish, all I can hear is a frog in my head going "Go'rramit, go'rammit".  Lol.

Let's be honest, this isn't a polish I would normally be drawn to - it's mustard yellow for crying out loud - but wow, there's a lot of artistry in here.

The mix of gold, copper and bronze glitter is what makes it look so exciting (wholegrain mustard, anyone) and it looks AMAZING on the nail.

This is almost a 1 coater.  Amanda's polishes are of a stunning quality, and considering the amount of glitter in here, there are no application issues at all.

I think this would look cracking as a gradient colour too.

Enjoy xx
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