Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Summer Challenge !

Hi Goddesses  

The Purple Crumpet Fairy has visited us again, and this time she has brought us the Summer Challenge!

This one is a MONSTER, but there's a lot going on !!  It starts on May 19th and ends on September 8th.   As before, there are break days (it averages 3 manis per week), freestyle days, and you can dip in and out of it to suit your lifestyle (no one's going to tell you off if you don't do every single one).

So why so MONSTER ?  Well, there's a lot going on, people ...
* the Olympics
* in the UK, it's the Queen's 60th Jubilee
* normal flowery seasidey summer stuff
* various other sporting events
* and really, who needs an excuse to wear all those bright summer colours ??!

If you want to join in, either click on the big fat fairy in the sidebar (to the right) or click here to come straight through to the Facebook Group.  You don't have to have a blog to take part - it's all about having fun :)

See you there :)

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