Sunday, 6 May 2012

Unnatural Animals - Red White and Blue Tigers

Hi Goddesses  

Occasionally you do a mani and it just turns out PERFECT in every possible way.  It's rare for a mani to be everything you wanted it to be (and more) but this turned out exactly like the image in my head (it's even rarer when said image involves stamping!)

So for me, this is just about as perfect as I get.  I love the colour combo, the perfection of the glitter and the deliciously crisp stamping.  Rock on!

This week's theme in Adventures In Stamping is Unnatural Animals - so, pick an animal stamp, but then use it with colours God never intended.   My base is Nails Inc All Saints Road, a rich blue which you saw here yesterday, and then it's layered with LA Girl Glitter Addict in Animate.   Here's what they look like together.

The LA Girl Glitter Addict polishes are brilliant.  I have them in quite a few colours, and they are great for layering, as they very Goldilocks - they don't go on too heavy or too light, they go on just right :)

I then used the famous Konad M57 to add my tiger stripes (or is it a zebra, or is it both, I don't know).   A tip here as well.  I was struggling to get good crisp white stamping.  I tried every white polish under the sun.  Eventually I caved and bought the Konad polish, and I don't regret it for a single second.  If you're dithering, just DO IT - they're not that expensive, but it will save you money as you'll get fewer grey hairs :)

So, very proud of myself here, absolutely love it.  You know you love your mani when you're gutted that you have to take it off.

Enjoy - and look out for the other girls today, everything I've seen to far looks AMAZING xx :)
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