Friday, 18 May 2012

When Stamping Goes ..... Sh-er-Wrong

Hi Goddesses  

Check me out, I am a guest blogger again (I think people just say "yes" to me to be nice).  Here we go :)

Today I have the honour of guesting on the Manicured Monkey.   I met Kristen through our stamping group, Adventures in Stamping, and I am always impressed with how precise her manis are and how effortless they look.

So, today, welcome to the real world :)  This is what stamping looks like when you're an amateur.   Stamping is a tricky business, and just because you master it one day, does not mean you have mastered it for all time.   The stamper, the polishes and the plates all whisper behind your back, taking it in turns to make your life a misery, but when it works ... well, you'll have to ask Kristen about that lol.

So this is 2 coats of Catrice Genius in the Bottle, stamped with a special Konad polish which in the bottle is a blackened olive, but on the nail just looks ... black.   The plate is Konad m51.

You'll notice that 60% of this mani ROCKS lol, that'll be the middle, ring and little fingers, where the polish stamped beautifully, and filled the stamper, and then deposited itself with grace and accuracy.

Then you have the index finger and thumb.   On these, the stamp left a gap at the top of the nail of about 3-4mm.   Sometimes, I just leave it, occasionally I do a funky french to hide it, but today I thought I would "colour it in" with a bit more of the stamp.

So I redid just a small portion of the stamp, put it on the nail and ...... nah, it just didn't work!   That will be those huge blobs of black that you see, oh and those smeary bits will be where I tried to lift it off a bit with acetone.

Lol - stamping, it's a tricky business.  Enjoy :) xxx
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