Monday, 14 May 2012

Which Sky Blue is the Blue For Yooooooou?

Hi Goddesses  

My hummana mummana Bettinas arrived recently, and one of the blues, whilst gorgeous, made me realise that I have accidentally acquired a few that are similar.  So, what better excuse to trot them all out, take a peek, and try and rationalise why all 5 are needed!

The 5 polishes are - 

* thumb - Butter London - Artful Dodger
* index - Bettina - Vintage
* middle - Barry M - Cyan Blue
* ring - a-England - Galahad
* pinkie - OPI - Ogre The Top Blue

At first glance, a few things are obvious to me - 
* how dusty Galahad looks compared to the others, yet when worn on its own it seems quite bright
* how Galahad and Artful Dodger look like father and son
* that Cyan Blue and Vintage are the next 2 most alike

Overview - 

* Artful Dodger - quite crellyish - not a creme, not a jelly.  This took 3 coats, and has a completely different feel and finish to the others.  It's a dusty blue, and the one it most resembles on Wikipedia is Cambridge Blue

* Vintage - fabulous, thick and creamy, this is a 1 coater, but I used 2 out of habit.  The sun shines out of this one.  Ridiculously happy, bright and perky.  

* Cyan Blue - sooooo intense.  This is also a 1 coater, tho again I used 2.   Extremely bright and brilliant, this one if probably the one I would keep if I were only allowed one.

* Galahad - gorgeous.  You can read my original post here.  As I said, it's dustier than the others, a little more antiquated.  It is very similar to Artful Dodger, just deeper.

* Ogre The Top Blue - bright, but slightly darker. This is a real Royal Blue, bright and vivid.

So, does a girl really neeeeeeeeed all 5 ?  Nooooo.  But does a Crumpet need all 5 - well, probably yes quite frankly.  They are all interesting in their different ways, and I will keep them but for different reasons.  The Barry is a brilliant all-rounder, but the BL is probably the one I am mostly likely to wear solo.

Stay tuned, cos I just layered this with Dollish Polish Putting On The Ritzzz! and it looks da bomb!

Thank you, and enjoy xx :)
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