Monday, 25 June 2012

500 Month - Friends Who Blog

Hi Goddesses

Today I want to share some love for my BPFF - Best Polish Friends Forever.  These are my very best friends who I have met through this strange obsession.  

Although we can only be friends through Facebook, each and everyone of these ladies is a genuine friend - we know about each other's lives, provide support, mock each other and cheer each other on.  So, without further ado, thank you to some amazing women .....

I need to start with some of the ladies in my birthday group.  We started out thinking we would just be exchanging polish gifts, and instead we have become friends for life.  We often have imaginary BBQs at someone's house, with amazing food and lots and lots of cocktails.  

First, there's Bee of Bee Polished.  I like to call Bee the Jackie O of the polish world.  She's incredibly smart, sophisticated and elegant - and all of her manis reflect that.

Then there's Emma of Manicurity.   Emma has produced some outstanding manis recently.  I love how bold her colour schemes are and also how much she uses texture to create impact.

Hunger Games collage 1

Then there's Kerrie of Pish Posh and Polish.   Kerrie is so sweet and eager to develop and is also a great writer.  She's recently made a lot of progress with her manis - keep climbing, Kerrie!

Then there's Momma, the delightful Mrs Stern, of Nail Polish is My Crack, my surrogate mother, polish pusher / enabler and all round amazing person.   Now, if only I could get her to like purple!

And there's also Sam, Stella, Claire, Jewli and then Lyncia, Steph, Tara who don't blog.

Next up is Kirsten of Geeky Owl.  Kirsten and I bonded over our fight with depression, and then we added some compulsive polish swapping and ta dah!  A dear friend.

I have also grown close to Missy at Gnarly Nails.  She's such a tomboy and her nails are sooooo funky.  This girl has attitude.

Then there's Stamping Sarah of Spellbinding Nails - truly the world's expert on stamping.  Tragically, I think sometimes her stamps detract from all the detail that actually goes into one of her manis - her nails are all levels of awesome.

2 other awesome stampers now who I have gotten to know recently.  Kirsten Manicured Monkey shares my pinterest obsession and is a VERY cool stamper.

Laurie from Dressed Up Digits. .... well, what can I say.  She's wacky, she's wild, she's hilarious - I love her lots.  She's also "quite out there" in her willingness to experiment which makes for some great stamping manis.

Katee from A Girl and Her Polish is someone I've only gotten to know recently - her manis are awesome, and she's definitely a blog to watch,

As is Victoria from Manicurator (that was tricky, also being friends with Emma from Manicurity lol).   She's got a bright and inventive style which I love.

Thank you to all of you for inspiring and supporting me on a daily basis - you make it so much fun xxx  

Enjoy xx :)
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