Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Butter London Lillibet's Jubilee - How Was It For You ?

Hi Goddesses

Ah, sadly, the Jubilee 4 day weekend is almost over.   And that means we have to go back to work tomorrow - booo!   I know the majority of my readers are non-UK, so I thought I'd fill you in on some of what Good Old Blighty has been up to -

* we have decked the ENTIRE country with bunting - there is not a single wall, fence or tree that isn't covered with the stuff

* we have rejoiced in having 2 days off work for free by drinking and feasting.  Intensively

* there was a load of boats that sailed down the Thames - a flotilla I think it's called.   It would have looked magical in the sunshine, but ... you guessed it, we've had rain.  All weekend.  Seriously, it's not even funny

* there was a concert last night.  They wheeled out Sir Elton on his zimmer frame and Sir Paul on his Stanna-stairlift and also had some new "artists" who couldn't sing.  Oh, and Kylie's bum.

* I think there was also some sort of parade today, but I wouldn't know because ...

I have spent the whole of the last 2 days in the nail room!  Oh the bliss of it all.  I've done about 14 manis, written god knows how many posts ... Sorry, what's that ?  Oh, yes, Lillibet's Jubileee.

Good old Butter London.  I love the names they give their polishes and that they do special things for special British occasions.  And that they're cheaper to import from the US than to buy in England, but I digress .... Lillibet was her maj's nickname as a little girl, before she ever knew she was going to grow up to be Queen.  It's cute, isn't it, and totally at odds with her ironed on curls and industrial tweed monarch image.

Lillibet's Jubilee, the polish, is a really weird thing.  I couldn't decide whether I wanted it, but Sheila offered it to me in our fantastic swap, and I thought - hey, that'll make a good blog post on ooooh June the 5th!   This is a foil - not shiny, not matte - and it's silver with added hues.

Pardon ?  No, no I would not like to comment further on these hues.   No, sorry, no can do.  Pardon ?  Why, well ... well because they are indefinable.  They are a little bit lilac, a little bit pink, a little bit toothpaste bright, a little bit rainy .... it is a very hard polish to describe!

In the photos this has quite a pinky hue which it doesn't have as much of in real life.  Primarily this shifts between bright silver and lilacy silver.  It's so bright it makes my hands look tanned! Lol.  The bottle shots however are really accurate.

So, bravo Butter London, bravo Lillibet, bravo the bank holidays and bravo the bunting!

Enjoy xx :)
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