Monday, 4 June 2012

Celebration 500 - Guest Post - Kristen from Manicured Monkey

Hi Goddesses

Kristen is the first lady out of the Guest Post box of goodness.  We are in a few Facebook groups together, both obsessed with pinterest, oh and yes, she's a better stamper than me :p

The theme for all the guest bloggers was to depict either a celebration, a recreation of a Crumpet mani OR create a mani they thought I would like eg purple :)  Over to Kristen xx

I did this mani for the Crumpet (heehee)... she's kind of a purple loving.. um... yeah so... This is a new brand to my blog and I really dig it: NNS and it had no name that I could find so we're just calling it "pink holo". It's a medium pink with scattered holo. The holo looks like tv static but ... holo. 

This was two coats and then I stamped with my Mash plate M60 using Julep Elizabeth which is a deep metallic purple. I smudged my pinky but the rest of it turned out pretty well. I liked this mani and I dig the argyle pattern as well. 

Pink, purple and argyle?! can't go wrong with this one in my opinion. I love the fact that my pinky smeared/messed up seeing how Debbie loves to stamp and is all pro and stuff, so this mani screamed her.  Hope you like darlin!

I do I do I do, thank you so much Kristen.  The next guest post is tomorrow, and it's Helena, from Nail Wish.

Enjoy xx :)
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