Thursday, 14 June 2012

Celebration 500 Guest Post - Melissa from Misadventures .. Martha

Hi Goddesses

Today's blog post comes from the lovely Melissa at Misadventures of a Wannabe Martha.  We only met recently, through the Summer Challenge, but I love her sense of humour and zest for life.

I was especially pleased to pick Melissa because she is a self-declared noob who hasn't been blogging very long, and I really wanted to capture that freshness in a Guest Post.

Melissa chose to be "inspired" by the Crumpet, and not only do I SERIOUSLY LOVE IT, I have to question why I haven't yet done this myself!  Just goes to show that sometimes the best ideas literally have been staring you in the face all along!   Lol.   Enjoy xx  :)

Haye Ya’ll! I’m Melissa from . The title of my blog says it all - I want to be Martha. I want to craft, decorate, cook, paint my nails and wash my dog all while looking marvelous. I want to stay calm and monotone while watching my pie crack or burning my fingers with hot glue. I created my blog to share my (mis)adventures of cooking, nail art, DIY, crafting and life’s moments that I get a kick out of.

I am super excited to be here at The Crumpet. What an honor to help Debbie celebrate her 500th post! I’m new to this blogging thing and even newer to polish. So, I’m here to
remind ya’ll what it was like 500 post ago when The Crumpet was a baby blog. Although I think even then she was a little lot more polished than I am!

I wanted to really create a mani in a style I knew Debbie loved. Enter the splatter mani.   She has done a few splatter manis here.  Then came the internal debate in my mind (which is already a crowded place with way too
many conversations) on what colors I was going to use. Obviously purple had to be one but what else? All of a sudden the clouds parted and it hit me – do the splatter mani she has as the background on her page! What better way to honor and celebrate a blog then to make
my nails look like the blog?!

You will need white polish and the two colors of your choice, some straws, and wax paper.   Make sure you spread your wax paper all over your painting surface. This is a messy one folks. You might want to tape the edges of your nails off. Or you can use my preferred method which is a little chapstick or vaseline on the edges of the nail. When you go to clean up it just wipes right off!

I started by painting my nails white. I wanted to make sure that the colors really popped just like on her site. Let the base white coat dry completely. Then on to the fun part! Dip your straw into your polish of choice lift it over your finger and blow! That’s it. Dip and blow. I blew at an angle because I always had a little blob to come at first. So I blew from behind my nail.

Also, different size straws give different results. I couldn’t get the big round ones to work, but the skinny one worked just fine for me. The skinny one is from the Dollar Store and the big round ones are from local restaurants. So, make sure you play around with different sizes and see which one works best for you. When you decide to do this one just steal pick up some straws every time you go out!

Finish with a top coat and your done! Super easy, fun and messy!

Thanks for having me at The Crumpet. Let’s all raise a glass to the next 500 posts!

Ya’ll come back.

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