Thursday, 28 June 2012

Celebration 500 - New Bloggers To Watch

Hi Goddesses

Those of you who have been with me for a while may remember that back in December I did a list of my Top 10 favourite bloggers, headed by Sarah of Chalkboard Nails.

One of the things that's struck me this year is how many other bloggers have really upped their game, and also how many awesome bloggers I've stumbled across who I had no awareness of last year.

So here, in no particular order, are my daily "must reads".  2 disclaimers - I have ignored anyone on last year's list, and I have also not mentioned any of the goddesses who featured in my Friends post.   Here we go .....

Jodi at Captivating Claws wasn't even on my radar last year.  This year, she has developed a love of watermarbles and a fabulous eye for colour.  She doesn't particularly do nail "art", but she knows what works well together.

Nicole at Polish Wars is the lady behind Elixir Lacquers.  As you'd expect, she's also got a great eye for colour, and she often puts really melodramatic colours together.  Everything she does is really tasteful and well lit.  

Erika at Polish Fixation also has a great eye for colour.  She's introduced me (through her blog) to some great polishes, and again, she has an eye for what works well together.

Ok, let's share some stamping love.  I met these ladies through Adventures in Stamping.  Jenni from Gold Speck Nails puts some amazing combos together.  She's not your average stamper either - she can do gradient stamping, multi-stamped, and full on make you feel sick with jealousy stamping.

Aimee from Persistently Glittery is similar.  She also does amazing stamping, but mixes it up with her nail art.  She also makes me sick :)

A blogger who I discovered in December has influenced me a lot - Lauren from Dizzy Nails.  Mainly, she does swatches or layerings, but there was something about the big and open layout of her blog that appealed to me.

Adventures In Acetone is a blog that's REALLY improved this year.   Jackie has become really expert at mixing colours and patterns perfectly, and her designs range from sophisticated to this one, my favourite, for her daughter Hailey.

Amber Did It is another blog I'm loving this year.   Amber has the skill of taking quite "childish" patterns and translating them expertly onto the nail. Please, this is not an insult, merely a reference to the patterns being bold, colourful and relatively simple - I love them.

I also love a new blog this year - Rosie from Little Nails.  As the name suggests, she has nubbins, but she does the cutest things with them.  She's a bit of a pattern genius, and her dotticures are particularly amazing.  She has a 50s retro feel going on too which I really love.

Someone else I've only just discovered is Kelsie from Kelsie's Nails.   She is, simply, quite awesome.  Finding her has been like finding Chalkboard Nails for the first time.  Her nail art is scarily good.

I've also got a bit of a passion for Fingers at Fingers Polish Mania.  She's a stamping goddess, with 2 signature moves, plus she has a sense of humour which is pretty similar to mine.  She's great.  

Now for someone who is so awesome she rocks my world.  Carolina from Colores de Carole.  Her manicures are just .... ugh, to die for.  She's a gradient queen, a stamping queen, a bloody everything queen!  This is who I want to be when I grow up :)

And finally, goddesses, the lady who I think is probably THE best and the most exciting nail blogger at the moment - Caitlin from Caitlin's Creative Corner.  Her world really took off at the turn of the year when she did a Fight Club mani that was soooo good, the author retweeted and she got something like a million page views!

Caitlin is constantly pushing the boundaries of nail art, without trying too hard (and some bloggers DO try too hard), and everything she does is pure awesome.

So there you go - I hope that's given you some awesome new nail bloggers to follow.  The list keeps growing and growing by the way - some of the ladies I am doing the Summer Challenge with are just insanely talented, so make sure you check them out too.   Who are your favourites ?

Enjoy xx :)
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