Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Fashionista - Mystical Dragon

Hi Goddesses

It's a running joke amongst my friends that I hate teal.  In truth, I don't really HATE it, I just have trouble committing to a colour that can't decide whether it's blue or green.

This running joke started in Adventures In Stamping when I tried to exclude teal from the All Green Challenge, and now, it's a little out of control, and people have started buying me teal polishes lol.  Oh lol lol lol lol lol.  This one however, I found myself.

So why did this one grab my eye ?  Well, look at it!  It burns with a bright inner light, it's sparkly, it clearly has identity issues and ... I thought it was pretty :)

Mystical Dragon is actually quite amazing, and I think I've just about managed to capture it on camera.  This is perfectly balanced between blue and green, with an equal weighting on turquoise and emerald.   The base is a glass flecked foil which gives it startling duochrome properties, not in an overt way, but this is definitely more emerald in some lights and more turquoise in others.

I particularly love the shade photos here - look at all that fleckiness!  There's definitely echoes of gold in there too, and this is pretty much the perfect mermaid / fish scales colour.

It's also disturbing though.  First I like blues, then oranges, now this.  Do you guys even know how long it is since I wore purple ??!!!!  What the hell is going on ????

I loved it so much that I bought one for 2 teal loving friends, and as today is Teal Tuesday (for the crazy teal people), they are wearing it today - aaaaah!   So go check out Missy at www.gnarlygnails.blogspot.com and Kirsten at www.geekyowl.blogspot.com.

Enjoy xx :)
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