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Friday Friends - Roisin from Cuti-CLUE-les

Hi Goddesses

Today's Friday Friend is the lovely Roisin from Cuti-CLUE-les.  You saw her 2 guest manis earlier in the week, and she's become a firm and cheeky friend through the Summer Challenge.  

At the bottom of the post, you'll also find 3 little treats.  Roisin prepared this post a few weeks ago, and since then she's done some SPECTACULAR nail art, and it seemed a waste not to show it.  Take it away, Roisin !

What is your name and what is your blog – feel free to add ALL your credentials eg FB, pinterest, tumblr.   Also which town / country you are from.
Hey! My name Cuti-CLUE-les. My blog is, I am also on twitter pretty much all the time  @cuti-CLUE-les and on facebook and FINALLY!!! I just recently joined pinterest as another way to avoid doing real work: P live in Ireland which hasn’t really exploded with the whole nail art trend so it is so difficult to find products and nail art tools. Even nail varnish is hard to find L

What can we expect to see on your blog / How would you describe your style / your blog’s style
At the moment I blog about nail varnish and nail art but I will be blogging about all round nail care, what products I use and what I think of them. I have a few review posts coming up of non-varnish related items like lip-balm and just items that I find in generally to be worthy of a little blog post J As you can probably tell by now my blog style is to be fairly detailed and informative…or in other words long haha. I do like to provide as much information as I can like quality, prices, wear time in each post. My style does not really reflect my blog which is weird. I see my nails as my way of being creative and expressing myself. I do them because I love it so much! I generally use bright colours and do nail art that is fun and interesting for me to look at.

Why did you decide to start the blog –
I found blogger and I started following posts about a year ago. Then in September 2011 I bought my first proper nail varnish that I had checked swatches of online and I really wanted it! After that I painted my nails every week.  I found a few Irish bloggers and I spoke to them about setting up a blog and they were really supportive of it. I always took pictures of my nails so I could check back again and see if I wanted to wear the polish again or not. If was only recently when I started studying for exams that I took the plunge and set one up!

How many followers do you have / how many visitors do you get a day / if you have an established blog, how have you “built” your following
I have 52 followers at the moment which is amazing! I didn’t think so many people would follow me because I am so new to nail varnish in generally. I’m not sure how many visitors I get a day to be honest. Generally around 30-40. I have only had my blog for around a month now so it really means a lot to me that so many people view my little posts . That is pretty much why I respond to every comment. If you take the time to  leave me a comment then of course I can reply back an answer any questions you might have J

What do you do in the real world, and how do you fit blogging in with your lifestyle ?
In the real world I am a student. It is hard enough to fit it in but I schedule posts in advance when I know I have essays, college work to do or even if I am just busy in general. This makes it far easier to keep on top of my blog and keep up with college at the same time! I generally blog while I am watching t.v .

What is the favourite post you have done 
That’s a really hard question!!! Hmm I have nail art on my nails at the moment that is probably my favourite thing I have done so far. My twitter followers would have heard me moaning about how hard it was haha. From the posts I have published to date it would probably be the post on Barry M Peach Melba:
 I had so many problems with this polish before this post that I was so tempted to throw it out! I was delighted when it finally looked decent with my skin tone. I took about 100 pictures just to get the colour right :P

What is your most popular ever post 
My most popular post to date is my polka dot manicure.

Blogger tells me it got the most views haha. I loved this manicure when I had it on so it’s really nice that other people liked it and took the time to comment on it.

Which blogger do you most admire / who do you follow / who are your go to bloggers
This might be a long one! First and foremost I really admire Theodora from She is one of the nicest bloggers I have spoken to so far. She always takes to time to tweet me, like my facebook stuff and is so encouraging when you mention posting about nail varnish or nail art. Also she always replies to her comments which I really think is great. It’s annoying when you ask a blogger a question about a nail varnish or a brand and they never get back to you even if you are the only one to comment on the page.
I follow a lot of bloggers! No joke! It takes me about an hour to go through them all every day and that’s not including leaving comments haha.

My go to blogs list is actually short enough considering the amount I follow. These are in no particular order:
There are a few more but I can’t find them on blogger at the moment L

When blog posts go wrong – pls share a photo and link of a blog post of your own that you are ashamed of / wish you could redo / didn’t turn out how you wanted it to.  
Awh this isn’t a nice one :P It would probably be this one:
I thought it would have been a good idea to show two different top coat effects and how they matched up to each other. I didn’t get one comment on this one which leads me to believe that I was the only one that thought it would be nice to know : P I’m not ashamed of it in any way, shape or form. At the time I thought people would like to see it but now I know they don’t. It’s a learning curve ;)

Pick a further 3 manis of your choice from your blog 
My first special manicure is the patchwork recreation here:
This was my first ever attempt at nail art! This was a big deal for me because it was for a special occasion and I really wanted to try something unusual that would remind me of then night everytime I looked at it! Plus I have this weird thing where I like to put a picture of the manicure I had on with the ones from the occasion I was at….No idea why but I do!

Up next is Barry M Pink Flamingo. This is really special to me because it is one of my most beloved polishes in my collection. I could wear it every single day and I would not tire of it J
I needed 2 images just to show ye how pretty it is. I’m not a huge pink fan so the fact that this is my favourite polish makes it even more special :D
And lastly is Catrice Caught on the Red carpet. This was one of my first Catrice polishes. I adored this brand and finding out they had them in Ireland was so exciting! The majority of my stash is made up of Catrice polishes

Finally your stash – talk about your favourite brands, colours, must have tools, your “number” etc
Catrice is by far my favourite brand at the moment. I love how unusual their colours are, the formula is amazing with practically all polishes needing only 2 coats even on long nails like mine. They are so cheap but the quality is amazing. Highly recommend them!

My favourite colours are bright and unusual ones. Ilove lime greens but at the moment coral is my absolute favourite colour! I have about 3 coral polishes (soon to be 4 ;) ) and I love them all. I wear pretty much all colours. If I like it I’ll buy it J

Tools aren’t really necessary. Dotting tools are so handy to have and I know you can make your own but they are so cheap on ebay I think ye should pick up a pack. Brushes for nail art are only really necessary if you plan on doing a lot of it J If you want to do a gradient manicure using the sponge technique you can just use textured kitchen paper and you will get the same effect.

My stash is small enough but I love pretty much all of the colours so I don’t mind J It means more to me to have a smaller stash with polishes that I really really like than to have 3-400 polishes and only a handful that I would wear again.

Oh and one last thing – what tip would you share with someone who is thinking about starting a blog ?
Go for it! I don’t have the best nail varnish skills but having a blog is so fun! You talk to so many lovely bloggers. I would recommend getting a twitter account and adding other polish bloggers. They are so friendly and you can have the weirdest conversations about nail varnish that no-one else would get :P
A really important point: Don’t advertise your blog on other people’s pages! I avoid blogs that do that. When you click on someone’s name their blog shows up anyway so I don’t see why they put it in their comments and stuff. People will find your blog in time so don’t feel down if you h=only have 5 followers after a month or whatever. You just have to promote yourself more. If people are looking for guest bloggers email them and ask them to take part. Even emailing a blogger your blog url will make them more receptive to you J Oh and Good Luck!

Let’s Get Personal
What’s your earliest polish memory: Buying stargazer nail varnish in neon orange and neon green :P I still have them and love them!

Fave film: Harry potter or Stranger than fiction

Fave type of music: Heavy metal mostly but I love Jason mraz

How old are you lol I am 19 J

Are you a cat or dog person I love all animals but I’ve only everhad dogs as pets
Fave book: ohhh hard! Harry potter. Void moon by micheal Connelly and The hogfather By Sir Terry Pratchett

If you won £5million on the lottery, what would you do: Buy a car, Give it to my parents and do a load of college courses to really pump up my degree :P

What inspires you: Hmm reading really inspires me and music.That’s hard beause I don’t really get inspired L

Share a quote that means a lot to you:  I don’t have anything like that L I only have music lyrics and they might depress ye all so I’m not going to share that haha.

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