Saturday, 30 June 2012



Thank you, for what has been an awesome month on the blog.  Thank you to everyone who did a guest post, left a comment, or liked The Crumpet for the first time - it really means a lot to me.

Part of the reason for Celebration 500 was to give some of the love back, both to people who read the blog, and other bloggers who I love, and now, dearest dearest followers, it is time for you to feast on The Great British Giveaway!

In my attempts to be universal, I often forget how much most of you want to see British polishes, so here, just for you, is a Giveaway comprised purely of British polishes.  We have -

Nails Inc - Clifford Street, MaliBlush and Paris

Models Own Mystic Mauve, Fearne Red and W7 Lava Flow, a white polish with red glitter and matte black glitter

Rimmel - Sunshine, Pop Your Pink and Orange Your Life

2 small crackle glitters

the infamous Accessorise Pink Spice, supposed to be a dupe for MAC Bad Fairy

aaaaaaaaaand Barry and his M !!!!

There's also some British jam and marmalade - look at the cwute ickle jars!  Now you can have a Very British Breakfast :)

And lots of sweets !

And some more yummies !!

And it will ALL go to one person.

The Giveaway is open internationally and will run until a random time of my choosing on Friday 13th July lol - so, rather than unlucky, it will be extremely LUCKY for someone.

As before, I'm used the old fashioned Giveaway method.  Why ?  Well, cos I like it, it's a great way to capture some much needed feedback from you, and I've heard Rafflecopter is one of the causes of all those malware warnings that went round recently.

So - here you go - DIVE IN !!  Enjoy xxx :)

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