Saturday, 2 June 2012

Harry Potterthon Day 6 - Half Blood Prince

Hi Goddesses

After the hideousness of all that is Order of The Phoenix, Half Blood Prince was a welcome return to form, with slicker writing, actual plot and fabulous goings on.

To be fair, this is the book I probably know the least well.  I think I've read it twice, which is a lot less than most of the others.  I adored the whole Horcrux plot - scary and fantastical, all at the same time - and that mystery drove the book in a fascinating way.  For me, I didn't mind that the answers were slow in coming, because the learnings along the way were so rich, myth-drenched and unexpected (we get to see Voldemort as a CHILD, you say?).

I also think this is where Harry Potter fandom reached its zenith.  I remember all the boards puzzling about the Horcruxes and what they might be - fabulous stuff, and exactly the sort of thing you want to be a geek about :)

You'll be amazed to know I resisted the urge to do *more* blood this time (just) - heaven forbid I should be predictable, and instead I went for some iconic images from the book.

* thumb - Slughorn as an armchair.  Slughorn holds the key to much of this book and so needed to be honoured
* index - the pensieve, which provided so much of the action in this book, with 1 thought in it :)
* middle finger - the golden locket, swimming in its green liquid at the cave
* the ring which contained another Horcrux - and which provided the impetus for Dumbledore's quest
* pinkie - Dumbledore's beard, white and silver

I wish JK Rowling could go back in time and rewrite Order of the Phoenix, I truly do.  When you read the really good books, it heightens the disappointment of OOTP.  

One last word, hands up if you hated the movie makers for bailing on the battle at Hogwarts?  I remember watching the so-so film and waiting for it to hot up ... and then it ended.  WTF ?   Lame.  L-ame.

See you tomorrow for the final instalment - The Deathly Hallows.  Enjoy xx :)

Sam :

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