Sunday, 3 June 2012

Harry Potterthon Day 7 - The Deathly Hallows

Hi Goddesses

Aaah, has there ever been a book more eagerly awaited in the history of our times than The Deathly Hallows?  Kudos to JK Rowling, that's a helluva lot of pressure to handle, and handle it she did, producing a book that whilst not perfect (the saggy 2nd quarter, when she was delaying the juggernaut to come) is nevertheless rich, emotional and fitting.

Where do I start ?   I've read and re-read this book a few times now, and it is one of my favourites, possibly my 2nd or 3rd favourite.  I love every page from the moment Harry and Hermione return to Godric's Hollow.  I don't love the first third so much, but it's necessary.  I totally agree with Stephen King who said it needed "a good edit and less camping nonsense" lol, but all in all, I think she did us proud.

For my nails, I've gone with the ending of the book.  There are many things I love about TDH - the Malfoys, the jaunt to Gringotts, Snape Snape Snape, the real sense of "end of the world" terror - but I decided to go with what made me emotional.  (Well, I AM a drama queen).  Index to ring we have the snitch, the symbol of TDH and the Resurrection Stone.

My favourite part of the entire book is the moment when Harry uses the Resurrection Stone.  I was scared and intrigued as to what would happen.  Anyone who has lost a loved one knows all too well that need for a last hug or goodbye, so I was both fascinated and scared on Harry's behalf.

I think JKR handled this moment beautifully.   The moment Harry is joined by his parents, Sirius and - oh my god! - Remus, my heart just breaks and I blub EVERY TIME.   Then when Lily says "we are so proud of you darling" ... oh man, wow I'm filling up just writing this ... as someone who lost a parent, I know Harry would have given his entire life to hear those words.

I was incredibly worried about reaching this moment in the film, but bless their cotton socks, they didn't ruin it.  It's a moment so precious, so fragile .... ah, love it.

On the thumb we have one of the most heart-warming, heart-breaking, noble, decent acts in the entire book - the moment when Dobby comes to Harry's rescue in a BRILLIANT piece of plotting, and then his undeserved death.  Bless him.   I deliberately did this mani quite plain - with the gravestone under the sea sky, and on the dunes.  Ah, Dobby.

Now, one of my very favourite sequences in the entire book is the one that starts when Harry, Ron and Hermione turn up in Dumbledore's brother's pub and find the tunnel - with Neville! how I whooped - which leads to the Room of Requirement.  A few pages later, my heart sang with joy as all our friends came through the same tunnel including .... Percy "Sorry I've been a twat" Weasley!  Wonderful moment.

So I wanted to honour Neville on my nails.   I love that he has a big role at the end, as he so easily could have been the child that Voldemort killed all those years ago.  I also love how he stood up to everyone and re-roused Dumbledore's Army. And then .... just when the battle is not going well and there is One More Horcrux left ... out steps Neville, all defiant and proud, and proves himself the bravest Gryffindor of all.  Oh I cheered (again) and wiped away a little tear (again).

2 more thoughts before I leave you.   What is that whole nonsense about when Harry and Dumbledore chat at the heavenly train station?  What complete bollocks, and it *almost* ruins all the good things JKR has built up before this moment.

Secondly, I was rather surprised at an emotion this book roused in me.  I am a pacifist.  I don't believe war solves anything, and should be avoided at all costs.  And yet, as I read the book, I realised this was a war I WOULD have fought in, for the progress of evil must be stopped at all costs, and when Molly Weasley shouts "Not my daughter you bitch" at the hideous Bellatrix, not only did I cheer (again), but I genuinely smiled, because once again, the love of a mother had triumphed in this story.

Ok, I'm about to go now, and thank you for letting me ramble on.  I'm going to leave you with a famous quote which I think sums up the darkness of the last few books.   Tomorrow, there will be a round-up post.  Thank you, and I hope you've enjoyed.  Don't forget to check out Bee's mani today either xxx  :)

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