Friday, 1 June 2012

June is Celebration 500 Month on The Crumpet

Hi Goddesses

So, what the hell is 500 Month, I hear you cry?

Well, a couple of weeks ago I posted my 500th post (my Kayla Shevonne nails, here) and it seemed a good opportunity to do some reflections.  It's quite hard to pin down exactly when my 1st blogaversary is, as the blog started before the nail thing, but this month is sort of in the middle of those 2 dates.   Also, it's the halfway point of the year, and therefore a good time to do some report cards on polishes, brands and bloggers AND most importantly of all, I've been on holiday this week, which means I've had oodles of time to prepare everything.

So, what can we expect to see during 500 Month ?

Well, firstly some of my friends have been busy doing some guest posts for me, and you'll see those throughout the month.

As a lot of you enjoy this blog for the writing, I've written a series of pieces charting my blogging journey, all the way through to how to grow your own blog, and what the future holds for The Crumpet.

And as you all like polish, I have FINALLY prepped an epic series of posts on my stash.  I know a lot of you have wanted this for some time, but I only put it off due to lack of time (god bless holidays!).

I also have some fierce new manis to show you, and a couple of new techniques.

And there will be my mid-year round up from the blogging world, along the same lines as I did in December.

.... and whilst all THIS is going on, there's still the Summer Challenge, Stamping Sundays, Monkey See Monkey Do Mondays AND another challenge I am involved in.

Phew, that's a lot.  Oh, and there's one more thing - next Friday sees the start of something called Friday Friends, where we take a detailed look at the blogs of some of my BPFFs and get to know them as a person too!

Oh and it all might just end with a Very British Giveaway .... maybe ... if I feel like it :) .... and if you're all VERY good Crumpeteers :)

Phew, best get back to painting nails - this all kicks off on Monday - see you then!  xx  :)

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