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The Lazy Sunday w/c 17th June 2012

Hi Goddesses

It's funny how things happen sometimes, isn't it?   So here I am, in the middle of my Celebration 500 month, where I've spoken of my love for writing, how the blog started, where it is and where it's not compared to other bloggers, and one Thursday night post later .... everything changes.

I still can't quite believe the reaction to my Lynnderella Rockafeller post.   As I'm sat here typing, it's had 4,000 hits, 111 comments, gained me 60 followers and 30 FB followers,  been shared and re-posted no end of times. My traffic sources tell me it's been viewed on Reddit and other forums .... and bizarrely it shows no signs of slowing down.

So .... what?  Well for me, as the blogger in the middle of the month where she is evaluating who she is and where she's going, and who LOVES writing, it's suggested to me that occasionally, I should play more to my strengths.  I've been delighted by the reaction and the comments on my writing, so I've decided that Lazy Sundays are going to be what they have been (a round-up of my week) but also a little bit more ..... and I do hope you enjoy :)

I'm going to start this week with the Superheroes and Villains challenge I'm doing with 5 other British lovelies.   I LOVED my Wonder Woman mani (here).  I did it on Sunday night, showed it off at work on Monday, didn't stop talking about it for the rest of the week and couldn't WAIT to post it on Thursday.  I was so proud of what for once was some Grade A nail art and I couldn't wait to see if I got more page views than normal .....

So what did I do ?  That's right, post a 4000-hit article JUST BEFORE I posted Wonder Woman.  Now I do love my irony, and the fact that the Universe gave me the response I'd asked for ... but bless her, she got a bit lost in the hooha.   

Talking of which, I learnt this week that hooha means different things on opposite sides of the Atlantic.  As does twat.  Bizarre thing, this language we share.

Anyway, my Villain this week was Catwoman, and you can check her out here.

The Summer Challenge has been a rockin and a rollin on, and this week we've had kites

parrots (including a new nail art technique)

and picnic - where hilariously, almost all of us in the Challenge did exactly the same mani.  Priceless.

Elsewhere, I've had a week of double mouse trauma.  Let me share Episode 1 with you.  Pumpkin - that's the fat, one-eyed, lethargic cat you see here

is not a mouse-hunting monster, a bird eater or anything much of anything really.  She'll only eat food if you chop it up for her first.  She's the epitomy of the lazy cat.   So imagine her shock - and mine - when on Sunday night she somehow caught a mouse.  Yup, she did.   Now, being a friendly sort, she let the mouse down on the carpet, and kept stroking it with her paw, just wanting to play.  Awwwww.   (She wanted to eat it, don't get me wrong, but only if someone was going to kill it and peel it for her first).

Me, I do not like meeces.  Living in the country, they're a hazard.  But when dopey cats bring them into the house, they tend to hide in nooks and crannies where you can hear them but not kill them.    So, I promptly covered the mouse with a clear plastic tub from the nail room.  Phew.  Mouse can no longer run.   Howevvvvvvvver, Pumpkin still wants to play, and keeps patting the tub, trying to make the mouse (who, clever bugger, is pretending to be dead) move.

Now, my boyfriend is at the pub without his phone and I want to go to bed.  Pumpkin is fascinated by the mouse in the box and shows no signs of going to sleep herself (probably cos she's already slept for 99% of the day), and I realise I cannot leave mousey in it's box cos eventually Pumpkin will use her gargantuan weight to set it free.   So yes, I have to use another box to lift the corner of the first one, let the mouse scurry in, and then throw it out the window.  

Ugh.   I can go to bed now.  Poor Pumpkin though, keeps roaming around and sniffing, KNOWING she put the mouse down somewhere, but where the hell was it ??!!   She keeps turning, hoping her one good eye will reveal a clue.  Eventually, worn out by 2 mins worth of searching, she harrumphs and plops down in search of a nap.

Next week, I'll share Episode 2 :(

So what else happened in CrumpetLand ?   Lots.   I LOVED LOVED LOVED my stamping mani, which looked like either red mermaids or red lizards.  It happened totally by accident but I loved it - you can find out how I created it here.

It was also Stash Week on the blog as part of Celebration 500.   So far the blue and green box has been the most popular, which surprises me.  If you want to drool at what I've got, you can investigate them all here -

There's also been a ton of Guest Posts, from Sarah, Caitlin, Kerrie and a Friday Friends post from Missy.

Finally, I swatched the most perfect teal of all time (possibly) - Mystical Dragon by Fashionista

and a little known Nails Inc polish called Baker Street (here) lol

The other reason I want to expand this Lazy Sunday edition is coming atcha .... NOW.  I want to be able to comment on what's happening in the nail community, and help you pick up on the new trends and hot new polishes.  Example -    For months and months and months I have berated OPI for their lack of imagination, constantly recycling collections and ideas and colours, for not getting on board with trends, for being soooooo far behind the hype it's almost laughable .... and yet ....   This last couple of weeks, OPI has released a polish in France called Spotted.   What is it?  Well, it's all the things OPI hasn't been for a VERY long time - innovative, ahead of the curve, and WOW.

(image from Nailderella)

So ... apologies OPI, you deserve credit and kudos for this, and the clamour you've created for this polish.  Isn't it funny though how few of us have remembered to doff our caps to you .....  Let's hope you have a LOT MORE ideas like this in the pipeline.

Wow, that was a week, if ever there was one.  Thank you again for all your comments this week.  And if you're one of the 80 people following The Crumpet for the first time, I hope you stick around and enjoy the ride.

Oh, and don't forget .... next week there might just be A Very British Giveaway .... maybe.  As you've been so nice x

Enjoy xx :)

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