Saturday, 30 June 2012

OPI DS Glamour

Hi Goddesses

And so, finally, Celebration 500 ends, and this is how we bow out - with the ultimate lemming .... SCORED!

This, my lovely ladies, is OPI's famous DS Glamour, regarded  by all as the perfect blue holo, and something that I admired even before my blue love began.   This came to me via Taylor, and I swapped it for The Glittering Crowd.  I have to admit, as I was wrapping TGC for her journey, I had a pang of regret, but the minute I put the first brush stroke of this on the nail .... forgotten :)

DS Glamour is one of the older, original DS polishes.  The ones that were fabulous.  And it is. I'm only sorry the British weather was STILL being a twat the day I wore it, but even without the sun bringing the holo to life, you still see her beauty.

This goes on like liquid denim.  Soft, textured, rich - it's perfect.  The blue is rich, but faded, intense, but weary - and it's this dichotomy that I love about it.

There's a velvety plush to this polish too.  Like all the very best holos, this has eye-tricking depth, like you're wearing a shag pile on your nail.   It's a polish of pure and deep serene perfection - you don't know whether to dive into, or sleep in it.

So, to cut what could be an endless rhapsody short, I am smitten with this polish.  It IS every bit as amazing, gorgeous and truly wonderful as everyone always said, and in part, that's because the colour is so beautifully understated.  

And that, my goddesses, is the end of Celebration 500 :)  I hope you enjoyed xx :)

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