Sunday, 24 June 2012

Stamping Sunday - Gothic Nails !

Hi Goddesses and especially Emily

Today's Adventures In Stamping theme is one our dear friend Emily has been waiting for for the longest time - Goth!   Any mani with a bat or a skull, and Emily's there, and she was gutted a couple of weeks ago when Goth was the narrow loser.

So, with Goth now being the winner, all week we've been picking Emily's bat-winged brain to find out what a stamping-loving Goth would wear :)

I knew black would be in there somewhere, and skulls was the only image plate I could think of to use.  It was also quite a late decision to add in some blood (who, meeeee) and well ... this did not end up how I intended, but in a good way I think.

I was actually extremely lazy with this and painted the black base on top of ANOTHER mani I had just done in black and white.  I then decided to splatter on some red (SH Right Said Red).   Then one of those lovely accidents.  As I was cleaning up my "blood" I accidentally rubbed off some of the black, revealing part of the black and white underwear.  

And an idea was born.   I kept washing some of the layers away to create a 3-coloured dappled effect.   What I liked (but didn't expect) was that because the base was black with a white pattern, rubbing away the black top coat only revealed random patches of white - all the more interesting.

I then stamped using Barry M Silver Foil and Mash29 and .... yes, it just soooo needed some matte top coat.

Et voila.  It DOES look grungey and dirty .... whether it's a success or not will be decided by one woman.   More than anything though, this reminds me of the Return Of The King, when all the dead kings return to help Viggo Mortensen.  Mmmmm, he was yummy.

Enjoy xx :)
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