Sunday, 10 June 2012

Stamping Sunday - HOT HOT HOT

Hi Goddesses

Today's theme in Adventures in Stamping is Hot Hot Hot. It's another example of "I know what I meant" but lots of other people did not lol - I guess it had more meanings than I realised.  So, I think you're going to see a lot of different manis today, from hot colours, to flames, to things that are hot .... :)

For me, Hot Hot Hot mean hot summer colours, and I picked something I'd been wanting to do for a few weeks - an orange to hot pink gradient.    The orange is Zoya Arizona (thanks Lyncia) and the pink is one of my most used, Zoya Dawn.

I sponged this on - but I'm really annoyed that my lovely sponge is starting to leave bits of itself on my manis - fame-mongerer!  I don't know if I'm letting the sponge dry out too much, but that's what the bobbliness is anyway.  I've also started painting the tips when I do a gradient, just to get that ultimate colour shift going.  Sometimes it needs a bit of sponging to blend it in, but I'm finding it works really well.

So yes, there's a lot of pics of the gradient - sorry, but it's so lovely and summery and I just want to LICK IT.  It reminds me of those fruit salad sweets mmmmm.

For the stamping, I knew I wanted to do gold, and I thought I was just going to stamp the sun on it, but then, as I was rummaging, I came across this pattern on BM03, which reminded me of the sun without being too obvious.

I'm loving how the gold plays off both of these colours.

Whatever you're doing, have a great day, and enjoy :) xx
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