Sunday, 17 June 2012

Stamping Sunday - Scarlet Mermaids

Hi Goddesses

Occasionally you create a mani that is SO perfect, so gorgeous, so "wow, how did I pull that off" that you sit and stare at it endlessly, and cry when you think about having to take it off.

For me, this is that mani, and it's a total accident.   This week's stamping theme was Stamping With Glitter In There Somewhere (lol) and I honestly didn't know what I was going to.   Then the lovely Kellie Gonzo posted her swatch of a-England Perceval and I knew I had to dig it out of the untrieds - Step 1.

I wasn't sure what to do glitterwise, and then, peeking at me on the nail desk, was Wrath by Nostalgic Nail Lacquer, a red, black and silver (and SQUARES) glitter mix, that I had used to try and franken The Glittering Crowd (because it seemed identical to Dollish Polish Team Salvatore).   Here is that step, and no apologies for lingering, because this step was just GORGEOUS!

I then turned to my new MASH plates for a suitable stamping pattern.   Can I just say how much I am loving the MASH plates ??  Every one I have used so far has been brilliant and so perfect on the nail - bravo MASH, bravo!  

I ended up picking this pattern from Mash41, purely because the pattern was thin and would allow the base to glow through.   I thought vaguely it reminded me of lace on a basque ... anyway ....

And ... just WOW.  I am in love with the finished article.  Remember, this had 3 steps - swatch, layer, stamp - and so is technically a recycled nail, it's just that you're going to end up seeing them all out of order!

The photos don't quite capture ALL the beauty of the glitters.  The red squares in particular give off a fiery glow that makes me squeal with happiness.

So how was it stamping over a glitter?  Well, to be honest, I was lazy (surprise!)   Because I'd already Poshed after Perceval, I didn't want to add more top coat after the glitter layer.  For the best results though, I think you would want to TC at this point, just to give yourself a smoother stamping surface.  You can see on my nails that there are some small stamping gaps - luckily the glitter hides some of them, and then I think because the pattern looks a little lacey, it seems to cope with the other "holes".

So yeh, scarlet mermaid, red lizard ... I don't know, all I know is that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT - it's one of my favourite manis of the year, and a perfect example of how Facebook groups and challenges can inspire you to create something that you would never otherwise have thought of.

Enjoy xx :)
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