Sunday, 17 June 2012

Stash Week - Blue and Green

Hi Goddesses

Ok, 2 colours today.  I thought that if we did blue and green together we could sneak teal in there without reopening the whole debate about whether it's a blue or a green lol.

So, here is the blue box - that little empty section?  That's where the teals are supposed to live - looks like they jumped out when I wasn't looking !

Let's get peeking!

my bright, summery blues

uh-oh, teal alert!

these are mainly holos.  The little bottle is Pam's Stormy Skies, which I still love.  There's also a blue franken I made with Spectraflair called Denimish and on the right, Beth's gorgeous franken, A Blue Night's Day.

Super poshness - love love love them all :)

my baby blues and powder blues.  A lot of these get used as bases for other manis.  Oh, and bless, Beth's Blue on the left :)

Medium-y blues.  Um yeh, I'm *sure* they're all different in real life :)

The navys or should that be navies?  :)  LOVE CG Blue Year's Eve on the left, but probably use the CG next to it, First Mate the most (but only ever as artwork).

OK, you ready for the greenies ??

Aw, hardly any at all!  lol.  Ok, they're ready for their close up :)

 some nice brights :)  incl the FAB Barry M Lime Green

a couple of glitters, a couple of colour changers waiting for summer, 2nd from the left is my infamous franken, Zombie Snot :)

the pale and minty greens :)  there is something VERY soothing about this colour.

the swampies.   Zoya Yara should be knocking around somewhere too, but she obviously couldn't be arsed to turn up for the photo session.

yeh, yeh some teals and CG Glittering Garland

the "interestings" and yes, a bit more teal ....

This one was hiding hence the solo portrait, but just like its collection-mate, this is probably my most used green - CG Starboard - only ever used for art though.

Phew so there you go, blues and greens.  Any you're jealous of, or more importantly, any that I don't have that I really should ?  It's not too late for me to add them to my birthday list lol.

Enjoy - we'll be back tomorrow with some more :)

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