Monday, 18 June 2012

Stash Week - Glitters and Funky Top Coats

Hi Goddesses

Today we're going to be looking at funky top coats (mainly flakies) and my glitters.  Some glitters are in the other boxes - I never can quite decide where they should live!  The only thing missing from this post is a handful of crackle polishes and my Out The Door holographic topcoat.  Ok - ready ?

This post is also a bit sad - there's a lot of lovely polishes in the first box and I seem to have used ooooooh 1.7 of them lol.

First up, the lovely Fingerpaints flakies.  Fabulous value for money, variety and quality and oh I do love those bottles!

Then we have the 3 Picture Polish flakies - I really love these.

The Essie LuxeEffects flakies - I don't know how I ended up with 2 bottles of Shine of The Times, but hey ho!

3 CNDs ... never EVER used .....

3 Essence top coats .... eeeek, never used.

Pure Ice and Color Club .... er ... mostly never used ....

Some randoms ... mostly never used.

Oh, I actually have used these ones!

Aw, I feel like a really really bad mother.  How can I have so many unloved babies ??  Oh well, if you're looking for a flakie, make me an offer, it seems I have more than enough to swap some away :)

Ok, now for the glitters which I know a lot of you have been waiting for.

First up we have the multi-coloured.  Wow they're all so ... different!  (cough)

My silver wintry glitters with Nubar White Polka Dots on the end.

Then we have the "shit even I may have to agree they're identical" silver sparkle holo glitters.

Dark glitters, rarely used.

Gold glitters.  I love CG Golden Enchantment, on the left.

The blue glitters.  Wow, they're not identical much.

Green and teal glitters.  No, I don't know why I have so many teal glitters either .....

Red and pink glitters incl the rare Barry M Silver Cascade.

Mmmmmm happiness, purple glitters mmmmmm, including Mad As A Hatter and my favourite, Celebrate by LA Colors.

Missing from this post are Tangled in My Web and Nubar Black Polka Dot which were obviously hiding somewhere AND all the indie glitters I've collected (erm, a "few" of) which are in the Indie post, coming soon.

So there you go !! Phew - now you see why I'm never stuck for a glitter topper :)

Enjoy xx :)

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