Friday, 22 June 2012

Stash Week - Indie Box

Hi Goddesses

I'm going to hijack the start of this post briefly to talk about yesterday's Lynnderella piece.  Never ever did I imagine anything I wrote on here would have such a response, or spread so far.   It was always my dream, yes, but not one I actually thought would become a reality.

   I just want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who read it, enjoyed it, shared it or commented on it.   As I've mentioned this month, I am a writer first and foremost, with polish being my chosen love, so I am particularly grateful to everyone who complimented the writing.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  To those of you who started following the blog in the last 24 hours, welcome!   And thank you.  I hope you enjoy the randomness of The Crumpet. 

And now for some sublime irony - guess which box from my Stash was scheduled for today?  Yup, the Indie Box ..... gotta love a sense of humour :)   


Another exciting box today.  However.... this box does NOT contain my entire indie collection.  Why?   Well some of it (at least as much again as you'll see today) is in the untrieds pile / post, waiting to be worn, and well, I'm always bloody adding to it, aren't I?!  Lol.

I was incredibly lucky to buy most of these jussssst before indie polishes really exploded, and before the stores realised they couldn't just "open", they had to have stock limits.  Also, the Nerds all came from the last time Amanda was open, in March.  I sincerely hope she manages to make it through whatever life has thrown at her - her polish talent is too exquisite to lose.

Buckle Up !!

first we have 4 polishes from Pam's Girly Bits - a woman and a polishmaker I love.  I have 3 minis of hers too, and I have 3 of her new polishes on the way :)

3 polishes from All That Glitters, with my overall favourite Cha Cha Twist in the middle.  I did have a few more, but found the base colours didn't all match my skin tone.

Group shot of all my Dollishes.

Oh this picture is pure happiness !  left to right we have - Nice Scrunchie Heather, Putting on The Ritzzzzz, Dark Elf and Spank You Very Much.    Dollish Polish is always of an EXTREMELY high quality, so if you're feeling nervous about going indie, she's a great choice.

Then we have Hip Hop Hippity Hop which has now gone to live with a new mommy as it's too pale for me, Super Bass and Random Dancing.  Random Dancing is my all time favourite glitter - if you own it and feel a little bit "meh" about it, please let me know and I'll take it off your hands :)

Then we have Team Salvatore, which when I bought it was unique, but now it seems everyone does a black, silver and red glitter mix, Welcome To The Rapture and We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat, an awesome blue with copper particles.

A family shot of the Nerds.  I know I've said it before, but I will continue to say it - these aren't just polishes, they are works of art.  They are sheer perfection from the colour choices to the opacity, the application, the imagination that went into them.   So many good thoughts being sent to Amanda.  Even if she never makes another polish again, I'm grateful she made the ones she did.

Ok, 3 awesome purpley types - I Aim To Misbehave, Cold and Calculating and the awesome Nebula.

Warrior Ethos (just pure perfection), It's Just A Flesh Wound, Regeneration and Data Squirrel.

There are also 3 more babies on their way to join the family - Event Horizon, Don't Blink and All of Space and Time.   That really just leaves me Outed By A Probot and Pinin' for the Fjords that I'm after (especially the latter if anyone owns it and doesn't love it).

As I said, there are a LOT more indies coming up in the Untrieds post, the Haul post and probably every future haul post after that lol.

For now, enjoy xx and drool :) and know that tomorrow, oh yes tomorrow, is the Box of Preciousssssssssss xx

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