Monday, 18 June 2012

Stash Week - Piles of Purples

Hi Goddesses

Ok, I've inhaled, I'm stretching my arms, interlocking my fingers and cracking them, exhaling, yup, I think I am ready to give the Purple Post a go.  Be wary - this is not for those with low stamina !!!

First of all what they all look like together and then the 3 individual boxes.

Ready?  There's gonna be a LOT of scrolling lol and drooling :)

Ok, some posh ones to start with and of course half of them are untried lol.  I really must wear No More Waitey Katie soon.  I am trying to save the Nina Pro for my birthday as it was an early birthday present :)

More luscious goodness - I really can't pick a favourite from these, they are all in my top league of purples.

Holoey or glittery lilacs and yes that is Catrice Dirty Berry in the middle, and the Barielle looks to die for.

5 gorges .... I can't say anything else without offending one of the others!

6 glorious dark OPIs, all of them sensational.  Merry Midnight is on the right.

3 frankens - I love them all - with the infamous Holy Jizz in the middle lol.

2 lovely BLs

5 Models Own purples 

4 gorgeous Zoyas - don't they make you happy just looking at them :)

2 Barrys - I'm sorry for the fuzzy photo but I decided I didn't care because you can never photograph Indigo (the one on the right) properly anyway!

4 CGs incl Spontaneous in the middle - the one with the dribbles.

OPI lubberliness incl DS Extravagance.  Even I am not convinced I need to keep all of these lol.

Sexy dark purples :)

Erm and that would be MORE sexy dark purples ...

Polishes that aren't quite pink and aren't quite purple.

Dusty purpleness.

Randoms, including on the right my purple Spectraflair franken.

Pretty shimmery duochromey types :)

The world's most perfect lilacs .....

along with these of course lol.   OPI DS Original in the middle, just next to Parlez Vous OPI.

3 duochromes.

3 pale lilacs.  I'm not sure if the CG on the left is rare.  

2nd from left is SH Delphinium, one of my favourite lilacs, and to the right of it is SH Lacey Lilac, which is the perfect base for the Rebecca Likes Cupcakes franken.

Metallic, murky or colour changing lilacs.

darker colour changing or duochromey purples :)

random purples.

Galactus and then 2 of my frankens - Witches Blood and Crumpet Likes Cupcakes too.

Glittery purple polishes.

Phew.  And here ends the ride!  How was it for you?  Any other amazing purples I need to know about that I don't have??   Cos I'm sure I have room for a few more :)   And before you shriek WHERE ARE ALL THE HOLOS, don't worry, they live with the holo family, who will be visiting us later in the week ;) xx

Enjoy xx :)

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