Saturday, 23 June 2012

Stash Week - The Preciousssssses

Hi Goddesses

Ok, are you ready?  Are you SURE you're ready?  For this is box where drool lives :)  This is the Box of Happy, the Box of Holo, and the one I'd grab in a fire (if I was going to grab one at all).  Ready ?

This box houses my precious Ozotics.  I don't have a bad word to say about this brand.  So here we have my duochromes - now sadly discontinued - 

the Elytras - now sadly discontinued

and the holos, half of which are to be discontinued. 

The we have my a-Englands, another brand I cannot say a bad word about.  I've divided these photos into the holos and non holos.

Then we have my 3 Catherine Arley holos ....

and my 6 Glitter Gal holos in their ickle baby bottles.

And my HITS holos ....

and my HITS flakies ......

I mentioned the other day that the boxes are always in transition, and this is a good example.  I need to squeeze 3 more HITS holos into this box as well as 2 more Ozotics (I grabbed the only other 2 I wanted before they were discontinued).

There's also 4 clear HITS flakies - they live with the other clear but funky top coats.

Don't forget, there's a lot more preciousssss coming up in the haul post next weekend and the untrieds post on Tuesday - you don't want to miss that one, I promise you!   We're pretty much through most of the stash now.  Next week we'll look at my stamping polishes and stuff, stripers, nail art tools and all that malarkey.

So - which ones can't you live without ?

Enjoy xx :)
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