Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Stash Week - Red, Orange, Pink and Yellow

Hi Goddesses

So today we're on the bright colours, and if we'd looked at these boxes a year ago, they would have been TOTALLY different.  I've always loved red, but they've had a major thinning out lately, as have the pinks.

And then there's the oranges.  A year ago, I think there was one, just in case I wanted to do nail art of a pumpkin, yet now it's one of my favourite colours.

One final word - you might look at this post and say - she doesn't own any holos in these colours ??!!  Well, DUH, of course I do, but they are in the box of Preciousness, so you'll need to go to Friday's post to check them out :)

So let's start with the reds (and bear in mind, this is half what I had at Christmas lol).

The bright reds, incl the lovely Sooki on the right.  A lot of these are used for art.

The vampy reds - ooooh delish!  All similar but oooooh how can you part with any of them ....

Other posh reds and one of my faves - Sally Hansen Flirt.  The Zoya in the middle is Cola, very unique, and one I don't wear nearly enough.  Or maybe ever.  But really should.  Yes.

Shimmery glittery reds mmmmmmm perfect for Christmas.

The odd couple - Slammin Red on the left is probably the shimmeriest glitteriest red I own - it's outstanding.  Then we have Ruby Slippers, just sensational.  And finally on the right, Red Light District, one of the first indies I ever bought .... and no, I haven't used it yet lol.

3 frankens - my red glitter which I love and then 2 spectraflair attempts at creating a good red holo.  They failed, but they remain interesting colours.

Ok, a magnetic, a couple of colour changers and 2 Kleancolor holos.  All of them used to within an inch of their lives .... not :)

Shimmery reds, again on the vampy side.

Some AMAZING reds, most of these ones have a lot of texture.

This was also the box where Pumpkin came to help ....

Lol, so let's move on to the tutti fruitties - here's the box shot ...

and now let's start on the pinks ....

These are all very similar, and I rarely wear them ....

My paler pinks.

Ahem.  Yeh.  Lot of pinks.  Yeh, I did say I hardly ever wear pink polish, so um, no, I don't know either.  Whistles and walks away ......

2 of my favourites in the middle - Vegas and Nidi.

The sparkly "burgentas" - Midnight Rider, another of my first indies, Roxy by Zoya (amazeballs) and erm haven't used the others.  Hey, maybe I could do Untried Year on the blog ...

Pale but interesting - some glitters, a couple of holos, on the left my Spectraflair franken and up at the top you can see Beth's franken, Pink Day's Night.

Hmmmm now this really surprised me.  I have been buying and wearing a lot of orange lately, so I don't understand how they all fit in one photo.  Oh but don't they look JUICY!

and finally the yellows - these are only ever used for art or as contrast colours.  

Phew, that was a LOT wasn't it.  I can see this section is going to need thinning out again soon.  Which were your favourites ?

Enjoy xx :)
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