Monday, 25 June 2012

Stash Week - Stamping Polishes

Hi Goddesses

Today's stash post is stamping - but rather than show you *everything* I use for stamping - ie all my plates - I'm just going to show you my polishes, and give you a bit of a recommendation about each.  

To be honest, I find stamping plates REALLY difficult to photograph, so I'll just summarise which ones I own - 
* Cheeky plates 
* Bundle Monster - both sets, with set 3 to be ordered on pay day!
* about 25 Konad plates
* Red Angel plates
* 3 large Cheeky Plates - excellent quality - A, B and D
* DRK-A and DRK-B
* SDP plates O, P and Q
* My Online Shop -  plate Y

My stamping polishes have evolved slowly.  I really admire the bloggers who can get any polish to stamp well, but I'm just not that good lol, so I've deliverately bought polishes I've seen used to expert effect.   My only complaint is that most of them have a metallic finish, so I finally bit the bullet and bought proper Konad polishes for when I want a non-metallic finish.   My advice - don't dither.  At least get yourself sorted with Konad white and black, it will save you a LOT of grief and stress.

Ok, so here is the box shot, even though they don't all fit in this box lol.

First up we have what I consider to be the best non-Konad stamping polishes in the Universe - Barry M foil effects.  They are everything you want a stamping polish to be, and pretty much idiot-proof.

Next, what I consider my "starter set", last year's Foiled Collection by Colour Club.   Cheap and verrrry good.

Next, KleanColors, which also stamp well, and come in a VAST arrange of colours - all of mine are metallic finishes, but I love that they have yellows and oranges, as well as the more common blues and greens.

Sally Hansen Chromes - these are supposed to be legend for stamping, but I haven't used them much.  To be honest, I think it's because I hate that you can't see through the bottle and get a true representation of the colour:(

Then I have some LA Girl metallics - I had high hopes for these as they came in unusual colours, but the one I've tried so far wasn't a success.  I may need to thicken then up a little.

Then we have some Sally Hansen Insta-Dris which I've heard are great for stamping ...

And finally, the Konads - pure stamping gold (there's also a pale blue which was hiding when I rounded them up for the photo shoot).

The final thing I'll say is that my new rule of thumb is that if a polish is opaque in one coat, it should stamp well.  Annoyingly though, I'm not having as much success with this as other bloggers.  Which brings me to Fingers Polish Mania, an awesome blogger and a superb stamper, who seems to be able to get ANY polish to stamp.  If you're looking for ideas and colour choices, there is no better place to start.

Enjoy xx :)

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