Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Stash Week - The Untrieds

Hi Goddesses

What do you do with your untrieds ?  Do you store them separately, or do you immediately rehome them with their new families?

I used to do the latter and I found that I kept forgetting I hadn't worn polishes, so I started making an effort to keep them separate, and that's why these ones aren't mixed in with all the other polishes.  These are mainly swaps and purchases from the last 3 months, and they're waiting to be tried.  Once they've been tried, they'll be "booked in" on my stash spreadsheet, and then they can go play with their brothers and sisters.

I currently have 5 boxes of untrieds plus another 2 boxes full of stuff from recent hauls (which you'll see separately) plus another box worth on the way.   Luckily, as I mentioned recently, I'm thinking of doing different blog blog posts going forward, so I know I will at least be able to show all my babies some love.

Ok, without further ado .... on to the drool!

  3 Nostalgics and Event Horizon from NerdLacquer.

assorted summer brights, mainly from my swap with Sheila of Pointless Cafe.

Zoyas, incl 2 mattes on the left.

My Hungry Asians :)

4 lovely Barielles.

LA Color - I love their range.

My Lynnderellas.

China Glazes, incl 2 of the glitter crackles.

a lotta OPIs - I swear they breed :)

Cult Nails lusciousness.

lotsa lotsa HITS - holos, duochromes and their version of the Elytras.

Butter London loveliness .... aaaah such a happy photo :)

4 luscious Picture Polishes :)

5 Andrea Fulertons - a British brand

a lot of good ole Barry and his M-azing new polishes lol and a fabulous teal in the middle called Mystical Dragon from Fashionista.

5 Glitter Gal babies.  I tell you, these new bottles are HUGE.

my untried purples - happiness :)  Nubar Peacock Feathers just on the end there, on the right :)

3 UP flakies and 2 holos.

an assortment of Ludurana polishes.

mucho ManGlaze.

random loveliness :)

Flormar loveliness

mixed Brazilian loveliness

random swap gorgeousness

 a GOSH lovely and a Catrice oooh-er

DURI magic :) I LOVE their bottles so much, and I've only just now with this photo realised that the bumps spell Duri! lol!

3 polishes from Rockstar Nails.  2 of them have separated badly due to the suspension base issue, but should be ok after a shake.

This is my haul from Red Carpet Lacquer which I LOVE.

Close ups below - 

Aren't they all gorgeous ?

 my Acessorize haul - great little polishes in all sorts of finishes, plus my Jubilee nail art set which I forgot to use ..... DOH

my beloved Bettinas which I had been keeping separately anyway because they are so pretty to look at and the bottles are so shiny and I purr when I stroke them.   Oooops, too far?  OK, close ups then - 

mmmmmm all so pretty!

and finally the Planets set from W7 - all duochromes.

Phew!  Can you imagine how long that swatching session would be lol.  Oh and there's a haul post to come yet too .....

Enjoy, and see you tomorrow :) xx
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