Saturday, 9 June 2012

Summer Challenge Day 13 - Summer Fete

Hi Goddesses

Today's challenge is quite a cute one.   I am sure other countries are the same, but in the UK we love summer fetes and fayres.  Typically they happen in villages, but it's an excuse for people to come together, celebrate, have fun and buy stuff.

So what typically happens at a summer fayre?  Well, it depends how big it is.  There is often a mixture of the following - 
* games- whack the hammer, hook a duck, shooting
* cakes and other nibbly things
* food competitions - best cake or jam.  Biggest cucumber
* bingo and tombola and raffles
* face painting
* bouncy castles

I went for a total mixture of things on my nails, and actually, I quite like how it turned out.  

The thumb is a typically Big Tent at a fayre - go inside it and you'll find all sorts of things to try, taste and buy.

The index finger is a cute face-painted tiger.  Shall I tell you a secret?  I love him a little :)

On the middle finger we have a goldfish in a bag of water, a typical prize.

Ring finger is a cake, and little finger is Hook a Duck !!

By the way, it's the first successful cupcake that I've done, and can you guess what the sprinkles were ??  Yup, my little faithful, Oz, Not Kansas.

Enjoy xx :)
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