Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Summer Challenge Day 14 - Gardening

Hi Goddesses

So, imagine if you will, the scene.  You're sat at work at lunch, wishing you'd prepped your cute gardening mani last night, so that you could just press "publish" right now.  You're quite pleased with said mani, as it resembles what it's supposed to, and just as you're about to shovel a chip into your fat face, you make the mistake of logging onto Facebook and the Purple Crumpet Fairy group and see THIS -

FFS!!!  Could this BE any more brilliant?  This is what Lucie from Lucy's Stash did today.   Makes you want to hate her doesn't it?   Could it BE more perfect ?  Just look at the use of shading and defintion, both of them things I don't know how to do with a wax crayon, let alone a polish!  Aaarrgghhh.

And then, as you spear another chip with your forlorn fork, you realise that sooner or later, you are going to have to press "publish" and that nothing, not even a naked photo of Ryan Reynolds wearing nail polish, will allow your blog to more than wilt in comparison to Lucie Lou.

So here's my gardening mani :(   I was quite pleased with it, BL (that's before Lucie lol).    Thumb to pinkie we have a lawn and a flowerbed, a lawn with stripes, a hanging basket, a watering can and a vegetable patch with some green shoots which will grow up to be Lucie's carrots (if they're lucky).

The lawn came courtesy of a-England Dragon, and I AM rather chuffed with myself for using a matte top coat to stripe on the lawn pattern.  It's a bit hard to pick it up in the photos, but it's there, it's there.   

I also really the hanging basket.   But I like Lucie's carrots more.  Seriously, there are some FIERCE manis out there today, so make sure you check them all out, and above all, ENJOY xxx :)

Alyssa at Fancy Phalanges - http://fancyphalanges.blogspot.com/

Lucie @ Lucy's Stash www.lucysstash.com

Vic @ Glowstars http://glowstars.net

Rychelle @ Colorsplash Nails- http://colorsplashnails.blogspot.com/

Missy the Manicured Maniac @ http://melissahenderson95.blogspot.com/

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