Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Summer Challenge Day 15 - Hot Pink

Hi Goddesses

So today is Hot Pink Freestyle Day, meaning you could do any sort of mani as long as it involved hot, bright, pink.  Unfortunately, I didn't think I could get away with *another* Disco Biscuit post, and for quite a while, I hummed and ha'ed.

I'm not really a pink girl, and summer is about the only time I do wear pink, and most of the pinks I have are for art AND they're all a bit dull and ...... so, yes, basically I bought a new one, is what I'm saying, but it Doesn't Count because I bought it especially for you!  She's called Joanna, and she's by a UK brand called Andrea Fulerton which I had never heard of, but seems to be quite popular (especially Misha).

Now Joanna probably shares at least 1 parent with Disco Biscuit, but we'll let her off ok, because she IS pretty.  She's a deep glass flecked fuschia, a bit jellyish, and she needed 3 coats to be hot to trot.   Look how pretty she is in the sunshine!

Now, I didn't want to just do a swatch post, so I thought I'd have fun with some striping tape, and I added some swathes of Borghese Belissima Rose, a lovely deep cerise wine.

Sorry?  You can't see it?  Look closer!!!  Yeh, I know, you can't see it, can you.  Well, maybe with a microscope, but sadly, the pinks were too similar in tone.   

So after I'd huffed and said bugger a few times, I had another idea, and turned to my trusty Essie Matte Top Coat aaaaaaaaaaand - voila la magique!

Doesn't that look AMAZING!   Look how suedey and speckled Joanna has become - like she gained pink freckles in the sun!  And look at how obvious that pink stripe is!  Man, I bet you feel silly you missed it before!

I deliberately kept one nail matte free so that I could still see Joanna in all her glory.  It's a shame, but the sun was almost too bright the day I took these photos.  My nails looked FAB - there was an amazing amount of shimmer and glimmer going on - but the sun seemed to either blunt it or over-expose it, which is why the shade photos are possibly better.

So there you go - the first Andrea Fulerton to be seen on the blog, and I've got a few more to share with you too.   As ever, please check out the other fairies, I'm sure Lucie's done another (yawn) AMAZING (yawn) mani today :)  Enjoy xxx  

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