Friday, 15 June 2012

Summer Challenge Day 16 - Ladybirds

Hi Goddesses

It is one of the great amusements in life how the English language gets mangled and used differently, and Ladybird is a good example.  In England these cute little red and black things (although insects) are called LadyBIRDS, whilst in the US they have the probably more accurate name of LadyBUGS.

So today's Challenge sparked off another "can I check what you mean" debate in the group, with my favourite question being "I just wanted to check we weren't supposed to be doing manis of Ladybird Johnson".  Lol.   Can you imagine how ridic that would be :)

I had other plans for this mani, but yes, laziness won.  I'd pinned an awesome mani of ladybirds on blades of grass, and that's what I was going to go with, as it was different, and not the expected.    But then I wore Strawberry by The Hungry Asian and it just seemed a WASTE not to recycle it into today's challenge.

I'm not going to talk about Strawberry in detail, I'll save it for another post, but it was a perfect shade of red for the base.    I used my trusty CG Inkpot for the black stripe and edging (the face) and then a dotting tool for the dots.

This a super easy nail art pattern if you're looking for a starter design to practice on.  The hardest part was actually squaring up their faces - when I tried to follow the contour of my nail, some of them ended up with lop-sided heads!  Oooops!

Enjoy :) and don't forget to check out the other Purple Crumpet Fairies xx

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