Saturday, 16 June 2012

Summer Challenge Day 17 - Retro

Hi Goddesses

Today's challenge actually has the longer title of Retro / Hippie / Summer of Love and once again, I've ended up with something that bears no resemblance to what I thought I would do!

Originally I thought I would go tie-dye or neon or those stripes that look like striped toothpaste, but the more I Googled retro, the more I kept seeing the same things - aqua, and a layered square or circled pattern.

So, without intending to go in this direction, I ended up with a stamping mani and I do really like it.   

I used CG Kinetic Candy for the base, just a sublime creamy aqua, and stamped with Konad White and 3 of my new MASH plates -
Mash 42 is the squares
Mash 50 is the circles
and Mash 45 is the flower pattern on the middle finger

It looked really nice at the aqua and white stage, but I wanted to add in some Konad red because red is one of the main colours you get when you Google retro.   So I stamped over a couple of fingers, using the same pattern that was already on the nail, but trying to place it differently, so that the pattern overlapped and showed some differentiation.

Overall I really like this.  It's the model of a retro kitchen, and I think I would feel serene and calm and un-Crumpet-like if I could live in a world like this :)

Enjoy xx :)
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