Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Summer Challenge - Day 19 - Ice Cream Sundaes

Hi Goddesses

There is nothing so awesome on a summer's day as a great big bowl of ice cream, preferrably covered in goo.  England has lots of "home made" ice cream parlours, but my favourite is what we call Mr Whippy - the stuff where you pull a lever and it comes out of the tank.

Unfortunately, I can't usually eat chocolate, so my favourite types of ice cream are usually draped in caramel sauce mmmmm.   I'm also partial to the odd vodka jelly baby hidden in them, and have been known to pour liquer over it rather than sauce lol.

So for nails, I decided to do a bit of a skittle, with various sauces.  We've got some orange-strawberry lovin, some butterscotch divine, pure strawberry spoonfuls, some maple madness and some chocolatey cha-cha.

I used my trusty white, SH White On for my bases, and then used the squeezy striper pens to do my sauce.

Mmmmmm .... damn, I'm off to raid the freezer!  Enjoy xx and don't forget to check out the other Fairies :)

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