Friday, 22 June 2012

Summer Challenge Day 20 - Parrots + a new technique

Hi Goddesses

Phew, let's get back to the nail art shall we, and today's pitstop on the Summer Challenge was either jungle or parrots.   I hadn't totally decided what to do for this one, and when I was on holiday (and doing lots of experimenting) I created this, and quite liked it.

What is it ?  Well, it's a base of Nails Inc Albert Place, the perfect summer blue, with a bright pink (Borghese Belissima Rose) brushed over it using a fan tail brush.  I've seen people use fantail brushes before, and that's why I tried this.  What I didn't bank on was that being a lazy Crumpet (who had forgotten to clean up her fantail brush last time she used it) I ended up with a much rougher effect, and one I liked much more as a result.

And that's how the parrot nails began - literally by experimenting and layering colours on top of each other (it was also the week I did the Acid Wash nails, so you know I was in a playful mood).

This is soooo simple, and so plain yet different, that I've done it a couple more times since.  It's so easy to do, and if you get the colour mix right, it's very ooooh la la.

All you need to do is blob a couple of drops of polish near the cuticle, and then swathe them down the nail in rough strokes.

My colour mix is a little wrong here for 2 reasons.  After the pink, I wanted a lime green so chose Barry M's .. er, Lime Green .... and it was just too sheer, and doesn't make enough of a statement of its own.   I then layered it with orange, forgetting that a dark base turns orange quite rusty, so overall, these are a little murkier than I would have liked.  The pink and purple version I did was MUCH better - you can see that on July 11th.

I turned the contrast WAAAAAAY up on this one to try and show you the polish mix better - I think a more opaque green or even a yellow would have been a much better choice.

Finally, this is what my brush looks like - can you see how old polish has clogged it?  THAT'S what gets you the rough pattern.  If you'd prefer something smoother, do what Crumpet never does - Clean Up lol.

Right, lots to do.  There's 1 more week of Celebration 500 left.  That's 7 more Guest Posts .....  5 more stash / haul posts ......  4 Best of posts ....  2 rare and lusted after polishes ..... and that's as well as the summer challenge, Superheroes v Villains, Stamping Sunday, Lazy Sunday and the usual malarkey!   Oh, and a Very British Giveaway, did I mention that ??

Enjoy, and don't forget to check out the other Fairies :) 

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