Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Summer Challenge Day 22 - Wimbledon

Hi Goddesses

Today is the first of quite a few sport themed challenges.  Wimbledon, of course, is the world famous tennis championship, and it started yesterday.

The Brits of course will have high hopes for Andy Murray - for 3 years I've been saying he will win in 2012 because of the Diamond Jubilee (the last time a British player won was 1977 for the Silver Jubilee) but given his recent form and injuries, I'm not so sure that's going to happen.

Anywayheyho, Wimbledon's colours are royal purple and bright green, and that's what we have today via Nails Inc Cambridge Circus and Spring Mews.

I actually did this mani about 4 months ago, just messing around, and never used, and then when I wrote the summer challenge knew I would have to save it :)

This is Cambridge Circus as the base, then large white dots, superimposed with smaller dots in Spring Mews, with some random white and green small dots scattered around.  I have to say, the colour clash was really good when I did it - slightly jarring, yet somehow perfect at the same time.

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