Saturday, 2 June 2012

Summer Challenge Day 9 - Jubilee Street Party

Hi Goddesses

One of the things I love most about nail blogging and the Facebook groups I'm in, is how many friends I've made from other countries.  And what REALLY makes me smile is when one of them is dumbstruck about something which to me seems so obvious.  Step forward Jubilee Street Party :)

This took quite a bit of explaining in our group, as did the whole Jubilee concept, so I'm going to assume that a lot of YOU don't know what we're doing today either :)   Jubilee is a word which means celebration, and in the UK it has always been attached to the anniversaries of the Queen's ascension to the throne.   This year she has been on the throne 60 years, but we don't call it her 60th anniversary; we call it her 60th Jubilee or Diamond Jubilee (diamond representing 60 years in the marriage / anniversary calendar).

OK, let's reveal how old I am.  I vividly remember being a little Crumpetling in 1977 when it was the Queen's Silver Jubilee - 25 years on the throne.  There were parties at school, street parties, parties everywhere, and although times have chnged significantly in the UK, these sorts of events are one of the few things that allow us to recapture that sense of community we've long since lost.

Walk down any street today in the UK and you will see bunting.  Most shops have a red, white and blue display or flag outside their shop, pubs and restaurants have special events on, and Beth's school had a Jubilee party yesterday too (they all dressed in red, white and blue, twas very cute).

So my nails just went with the simple, and represent bunting.  It's an iconic image, and very British.  I wish I was a good enough artist to show glasses of beer, sandwiches, especially made cakes, but I'm not.

Most of all though, I'm bummed because until yesterday I didn't realise this was the official Jubilee logo, and it would have made such a cool variation on my mani gggrrrr.

Please check out the other Fairies, especially Stella, who has done a stellar mani for today :)

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