Friday, 29 June 2012

Summer Challenge - Night 24 - Underneath The Stars

Hi Goddesses

Oh well, I shouldn't complain, I had a good run, it had to end sometimes but crap on a cracker I'm disappointed with this one.

This one is nail art gone wrong.  Whilst it looks ok in an abstract way, it does NOT look like I planned for it to look, and this comes back to why my nail art usually sucks - I cannot draw.  At all.  Like even if my life depended on it.

My ex used to say I had the spatial awareness of a ferret with cataracts, and this plays a factor too.  I have no ability AT ALL to draw in 3D or interpret depth and that's why you never see shading or highlights in my nail art - hell, usually I'm excited if I just got the shape right!

And that's what happened here.  I wanted to do a lake at night, one of my ideal places, cool, starstruck, and probably with hills to the side.  And I didn't sketch it out either - I just "created" it on the nail.  I've been so religious about sketching lately, and it has definitely made my nail art less sucky ....dammit Crumpet!

This is CG Blue Years Eve, which I am utterly in love with.  Near the base of each nail, I used a black undercoat to give some darkness to the sky, and I ended up using DL Lady Sings The Blues for the lake.  Lol.  I just realised what I said - I used a Deborah Lippmann polish for nail art, who does that !!  Lol.

So there you go.  Nail art gone wrong, and for my LIFE it's water marble tomorrow and I still can't get polish to spread in the water ... I know how to water marble, I've even blogged some really nice ones, but for some reason, the water in my house is just hateful.   Waaaaaah!

Lol, see you tomo - it'll be funny if nothing else :(  Here's the other fairies - 

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