Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Superheroes v Villains - DC Comics Villain

Hi Goddesses

Oh DC Comics, how I love you.  Seriously, I could squeeze your cute little cheeks and kiss you for having COOL characters.  

Now, before you all bite me, I admit, The Avengers is the cool of the cool, but this week - man, I got it pegged!

So today we have someone who is called a villain because she is an arch nemesis, but I love her SOOOOOO.   And I especially love her when she's Michelle Pfeiffer.  Yes, it's Catwoman, all slinky cool and feline fine ... in her torn, stitched and tattered black PVC suit.

Catwoman is a mesmerising character for me.   All sexy woman, sharp one-liners, kitty-essence and some bad ass sass too :)    The first Catwoman I remember is Julie Newmar in the TV series, and these were always my favourite episodes (often I'd turn off the telly if Catwoman wasn't in the episode, cos people did know how to switch a TV off in "those" days).

I know Eartha Kitt is a lot of people's favourite Catwoman, but I have to say, I think Pfeiffer is pretty perfect in the role.   I think she's an amazing actress, and she brings just the right mix of reality, hyper-reality and cartoon-reality to the mix - her Catwoman is playful, confused and sexy as all hell lol.

For this mani I used Barry M magnetic in Dark Silver as my base and then a Sally Hansen nail art pen in silver to draw on the stitching.  It's an iconic image, and I particularly like how the magnetic waves mimic movement in the fabric.

I really like the shade shots too - very moody!

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