Thursday, 28 June 2012

Superheroes v Villains - Disney Hero

Hi Goddesses

As the mother of a little girl who was once a very little girl, today's subject was never really in doubt.  And as every little girl has a favourite Disney Princess, I decided to honour 5 of them.

Now some of you may think this is a strange choice for a "hero", and years ago, I would probably have agreed.  However, in the newer Disney films especially, the Princesses have a sense of confidence and independence that makes for a good role model, along with their genuine, honest nature.  Not a bad blueprint, I'd say.

My nails are their dresses -
* thumb - Cinderella
* index - Belle
* middle - Sleeping Beauty
* ring - Jasmine from Aladdin
* pinkie - Snow White

I used this photo as the guideline.   

The thing I loved most about Beth's Disney phase was her adamant stance on always being costumed!  Almost every weekend for 2 years was spent in some sort of Disney dress, Belle being her absolute favourite.   

So that's all for today folks - come back next week for Ultimate Hero and Villain Week for which I STILL have nooooooo idea .... eeek!

Enjoy xx :)

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