Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Superheroes v Villains - Disney Villain

Hi Goddesses

It's Disney Week this week, and all along, I've know what I would end up doing for both posts.  Sadly, this isn't what I would have loved to do today, but not being a nail art genius restricts me, so I had to go with what was possible.

I really wanted to do Scar from the Lion King.  As a villain, he is perfect, and he is brilliantly acted by Jeremy Irons.  Sadly, there weren't any pictures of Scar that I could interpret without drawing a ruddy lion - man, can you IMAGINE what that would have looked like lol, not scary, that's for sure.

So instead we have a different villain, and one of Disney's most famous - Cruella de Vil, driven mad by her desire for a dalmation coat.

The middle finger is her shocking two-tone hair, and the index and ring are (hopefully) a freehand dalmation pattern, and then I freehanded some paw prints on the little finger.

Red is the accent colour of Cruella and her thin, evil red lips, so I wanted to add some red in their somewhere, so I ended up writing 101 over the thumb, which actually ended up ruining it a little I think.

Hero on Thursday .....   next week is Ultimate Villain and Hero Week and I am REALLY struggling for ideas, so if you have any, please let me know !!!!

Enjoy xx :)

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