Thursday, 14 June 2012

Superheroes v Villains - Marvel Hero

Hi Goddesses

Ok girls, let's get this show back On The Road!  

After the DISASTER of Tuesday's villain mani, where I painted Gandalf with Barry M magnetics lol, today, I DID IT PROPER!!!

Can you guess who it is yet?  (Best Rolf Harris accent).  No ?  Don't make me angry, cos you won't like me when I'm angry ...... YES it's The Hulk !

I actually do know who the Hulk is, and I have distinct memories of watching this with my Grandad on a Friday night, and being confused why the same actor didn't play both parts lol.  I guess it was the first time I really understood the trickery and magic of TV and films.

I always used to watch the show eager for that moment when his bicep would twitch and those clothes would rip - ah, something SO satisfying about that noise lol.

So 2 of the nails pay tribute to the Hulk's outfit - the white shirt and his purple trousers.    The index finger is his eye.  I finally managed to get a good pupil by using the end of one of my brushes, and I have to say, I found him a little freaky, staring at me like that all day.

For the thumb and pinkie I decided to just go with patterns in the colours I'd chosen, so a splatter on the thumb (which hasn't photographed well, but irl was probably the BEST splatter I have ever done), and then some stripes on the little finger.  And nooooooo, of course they didn't smudge when I top coated, it was deliberate ............

By the way, the green is the delicious Lime Green by Barry and his M, and the purple was Orly Charged Up.  I was remarkably happy with this mani, and it was very popular at work too, although mysteriously no one could guess what it was until I explained it ..... hmmmmmmm

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