Thursday, 12 July 2012

Brit Nails - Models Own Blooming Pink

Hi Goddesses

Today sees the heavenly collision of 2 firsts.  From now on, every Thursday will be Brit Nail Thursday.  The most common comment on the Giveaway is that you want to see more British polishes, so that's what we're gonna do - Barry and his M, Accessorize, Rimmel, a-England, W7, Nails Inc and ....

.... today we start with Models Own, who were kind enough to send me 3 polishes to review on the blog.   We're going to look at the first one today, and then the next 2 on the next 2 Thursdays.  Funny story.  When Models Own asked me what they should send, they pointed out that as a fan (which I am) there was the risk of them sending me something I already had.  So we excluded purples, blues and glitters, and in the end I ended up with 3 polishes I'm almost certain I wouldn't have bought, so it was quite a challenge for me to Crumpetise them :)  Actually though, I've loved every one.

So today we have Blooming Pink, which is blooming marvellous.  It's probably the one I would be most likely to buy, and is a perfect summer polish.   It's a dark swirl of a pink, closer to cerise and with strong red tones.  It's also LOADED with shimmer, making it perfect for summer sun (ie, everywhere but England, we're on like Day 75 of rain).

So how does Models Own rate as a polish?  Well, there's a few reasons they are genuinely one of my favourite British brands -

* the polishes last well and tend to be fairly chip resistant
* they are a mid-priced polish in the UK - about £5.  Bear in mind Nails Inc is £11, the same price we would pay for Zoya or OPI.   What I love most though, is that on their website, the more you buy, the cheaper they become.  This is a great way to reward your customers
* for a British brand they are quite innovative.  They have a good range of glitters, have done duochromes through the Beetlejuices, and are always on the lookout for something a little but different
* generally, UK polish doesn't follow the US pattern of Collection pause Collection pause Special Edition pause.   But Models Own does, and even better, you can buy them in discounted box sets
* their nail art pens are fabulous.  Pricey, but fabulous.  
* oh and they do cool make up too

So back to the mani.  I used 3 coats of Blooming Pink as it was semi jellylike and took a while to build.  You can still see a teensy bit of VNL in the photos, but you honestly couldn't in real life.  I teamed it with Love Letters from Candy Lacquer, a riotous mix of pink and red glitter.

Don't they look made for each other?   I love the way the glitter "grounds" the polish - it makes it look more stable and slightly darker, making it the perfect base to show of the kaleidoscopic craziness of Love Letters.

This mani ended up looking great indoors, in the shade, and in the brief flash of sunshine we got that day.   Total winner.

Oh, and who's this you ask ?  Well, this is Big Fat Fliss, the neighbour's cat.  There I was, photo-clicking away in the garden, and I felt a hefty weight of fur rub against my ankles.  Naturally, I thought it was Pumpkin, but no, it was Fliss, who is HUGE - yes, even bigger than Pumpkin.   I like Fliss, but she hates Pumpkin - man, it's a tricky love triangle :(

You can buy Models Own here, on their website, and you can follow them on Facebook here.  Candy Lacquer can be found here on Etsy.

Enjoy xx :)

Models Own Blooming Pink was provided to me free for review.  The polish may be Models Own, but the views expressed about it are 100% Crumpet's Own :)
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