Thursday, 26 July 2012

Brit Nails - Models Own Buff Pink = Glitterfish!

Hi Goddesses

And welcome to the 3rd polish the lovely people at Models Own sent me ..... Buff Pink.    This went through quite a few evolutions to get to the photo you see above, so hold tight and here we go ......

Buff Pink is pretty much the very opposite of a Crumpet polish.   It's pale, sheer and ... not much else :)   However, I did find some uses for it.  In the bottle it's pure subtlety - a milky peachy pink watercolour.

This is how it looks on it's own - just a smidge darker than a base coat.   A couple of layers later, and I *almost* had mannequin hands for my albino skin lol.

It's absolutely not for me on 99.9% of the days of the year, but if you want something subtle and barely there, this is perfect.   Being a Crumpet, I had to create it some perfection, and the first thing I did was layer it with Candeo  South St, an awesome multi-coloured glitterbomb.

I was in a very playful mood the day I did this, and it occured to me that Buff Pink may have been the polish I have been searching for for so long - one even I can create a jelly sandwich with!  And so I did!

I was quite happy with this phase, even though whiteish is not a good colour on me.   This muted some of the craziness of the glitter, but still left enough playful behind.

And then, dear goddesses, I stamped it .....

I knew I wanted to stamp it to brighten it back up, so I picked Konad Psyche Pink, a ridiculous acid Barbie colour, and this pattern from DRK-B.

I really love the finished design, it reminds me of a sugary rainbow fish, whatever that might be lol.   I can't usually get away with pale colours, but the neon stamping made this work with my skin tone.

Fresh, summery, sugary and, quite possibly, a little bit glitterfishy :)

Enjoy xx :) 

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