Sunday, 22 July 2012

China Glaze Neons and MJ2 Stamping Plate Skittle

Hi Goddesses

I've been a very lucky puppy recently.   One of my best friends shipped me a huge box of China Glaze neon and ElectroPop loveliness; Bundle Monster and Cheeky released new plates; and the lovely Meann from My Online Shop did an awesome swap with me, where I ended up with most of the stamping plates I had been lemming.

With the changes I am planning for the blog, I had pretty much decided how I was going to approach this divine dilemma, and as this week's Adventures In Stamping theme is "my favourite new plate" I thought I would start my exciting journey with a skittle based on the MJ2 plate, which is crammed with awesomeness!

My nails are CG Neon.  Mostly.  I got a little confused and 1 or 2 ElectroPops may have snuck into the mani.  Here are your pairings, all done using a smooth make-up sponge.  Tip - always start with your lightest colour.  Some nails were sponged on the bottom, others on the top.

* thumb - Flirty Tankini and Beach Cruise-r
* index - I'm With The Lifeguard & Splish Splash
 * middle - Orange You Hot & Make Some Noise 
* ring - Hang-ten Toes & Ride The Waves
* pinkie - Sunshine Pop & Surfin For Boys

I absolutely loved the results.  As I'm not a perfectionist, I am perfectly cool with having every nail a different colour or pattern, and everyone from Beth to the girls at work enjoyed picking out their favourite stamp.  Unanimous verdict on the middle finger by the way - love the squiggliness.

The thumb has a broken-hearted pattern, it's actually turtles on the index finger, but not a single one centred, so it's hard to tell; squiggles; skull and crossbones on the ring finger and a harlequin pattern on the pinkie.

I used Accessorize Jewel for the stamping, and it worked perfectly.

Enjoy - which was your favourite?  xx :)
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