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Friday Friends - Jenni from Gold Speck Nails

Hi Goddesses

Today we feature a really lovely lady, Jenni from Gold Specked Nails.  We aren't really "friends" friends, but because of our mutual admiration I feel like I know her and love her.

We first met through stamping, something at which she is awesome.  If you want to see stamping with multiple colours, gradients and all sorts of other magic, she's your girl. 

Jenn was worried when she wrote this post.  I remarked how "different" hers was to every other one I'd read, but she didn't realise I meant it in a good way.  This is the post of a creative, someone addicted to colour and to art, and it is such a different approach to my own.    I KNOW you're going to enjoy this one xx


What is your name and what is your blog 
I’m Jenni, my blog is Gold Speck Nails, I’m also on Tumblr, Pinterest, a neglected Twitter, and have a very neglected Facebook page.  I live in the North East UK, A short ride from Newcastle.

What can we expect to see on your blog / How would you describe your style / your blog’s style
Expect to see loads more manis, I don’t have any challenges coming up at the minute, but I’m sure there will be more in the future. My personal style is a bit odd when it comes to nails; I love a bit of everything! From simple and elegant same colour stamping, odd colour combos, to wildly tacky animal print, excuse the pun ;] When it comes to my blog my style at the moment is huge photos with a lot of ramblings and the odd funny cat photo. But I’m thinking about giving my blog a makeover soon!

Why did you decide to start the blog –
I decided to start the blog after becoming obsessed with Konad & Bundle Monster. I’ve always been into nail art, and when I was younger it was a case of sticking on individual hex glitters into the pattern of flowers, or using tape to use multiple colours. Before I discovered nail stamping I would often paint my nails, press in some awesome glitter when the polish was tacky, and then go in with a fine tip marker pen to create tiger stripes, or swirly designs. So when I started stamping I was taking photos, trying out new things and the photos would just sit on the computer. After about 6 months of reading about 10 blogs religiously every day and being inspired; I decided that I wanted to have somewhere to document all my experiences, and share my photos, and see what people other than Scott, family and friends thought xD The reason It took me so long to start a blog was because my camera was busted, and I’d just gotten a new one for Christmas.

How many followers do you have / how many visitors do you get a day / if you have an established blog, how have you “built” your following
At the minute I have 442 Google Friend Connect Followers, Blogger is telling me today that I have so far had 168 visits. But I find I always get more visitors when I’ve posted something new. I don’t know if my blog would be classed as established, but I have visitors who come and peak at my nails, and loyal readers who comment and make my day; and that’s what matters. I did gain quite a few followers from my first giveaway, but I think posting consistently is a better way of gaining readers.

What do you do in the real world, and how do you fit blogging in with your lifestyle ?
Honestly I don’t do anything but blog right now. I have no social life to speak of as I don’t even have money for transport, never mind money to do something, so at least it means I don’t have to worry about finding time to do my nails, or set up a post.

What is the favourite post you have done 
Favourite Post of mine has to be my Disturbia Nails, I love the brand, was inspired by the shirt straight away, and had such a total surge of creativity while planning and painting them that it just made me feel good :] 

What is your most popular ever post 
This was my most popular post according to Blogger stats, I don’t get it because I really didn’t like these at all, but at least someone did xD I think it got some extra views after I started using Pinterest.

Which blogger do you most admire / who do you follow / who are your go to bloggers
Ohhh crap that’s a toughie, how many do I list?  Argh, Okay these are all bloggers that I admire, follow, and look to for inspiration. Fingers Polish Mania, Persistently Glittery, fyeahilovenails, Nail Stories, The Crumpet, omgnoodles, Polish Amor, Nail Polish Wars, Gnarly Nails, Nailpocalypse, Spellbinding Nails.

When blog posts go wrong – pls share a photo and link of a blog post of your own that you are ashamed of / wish you could redo / didn’t turn out how you wanted it to. 
It was quite hard for me to pick one for this, as majority of my posts within the first few months of blogging are a little shameful :P but I picked these cause the stamping didn’t totally work, and then when I tried to fix it, that didn’t work either. Canny crap as I’d describe them, and for those that need translation; canny means quite XD

Pick a further 3 manis of your choice from your blog

I think this might’ve been the first time I’d ever attempted drips, and I loved wearing these.
These are special to me as they were the first nails I did for Adventures In Stamping. And I love that place, I know I’m not as active as I used to be, or could be, but I do still try to checkout everyone’s manis. I get some of my best inspiration from the weekly challenges :]

Below is another stamping challenge mani, and I just totally loved these, sponged background, glitter, rainbows, filling in stamping, I loved ‘em, and will do them again :]

Finally your stash – talk about your favourite brands, colours, must have tools, your “number” etc
Ah.. My stash. I haven’t counted my polishes. And honestly, I never will until I have somewhere proper to keep them all organised, instead of plastic boxes in plastic drawers, the most organisation I have to my stash is one box is for nail art pens. One box is stamping polishes, chromes, glitter top coats, flakies, and nail decals, and my plates live in a small box with the stamper and scraper. The other 4 boxes it’s a free-for-all. Some of my favourite polish brands are Models Own, Barry M, Miss Sporty, George (Asda), NYC Chromes, and China Glaze, even though I don’t have many.

Must have tools for me are stamping plates, and polishes that are good for stamping. My nail art brushes were a cheap set from eBay, another I have is a Citadel paint brush from Games Workshop it’s so so tiny, great for line work.  Nail art pens are always good to have, as is a lot of top coat, and a decent base coat.

Oh and one last thing – what tip would you share with someone who is thinking about starting a blog ?
I would say take advantage of scheduled posts now and again even if you don’t need them, just so posting won’t feel like a chore :]

Let’s Get Personal
What’s your earliest polish memory
Earliest polish memory would have to be when I was maybe 6? Getting a cheap makeup set with a polish from Santa’s grotto, I can’t remember wearing it though.  Other than that I got a set for Christmas once, when I was 12 that had a loooad of little polishes, but I can remember being bummed with the formula and didn’t use them that often.
Fave film, I honestly love so many films it’s so hard to pick, but a favourite since I was 14 has been Donnie Darko. I love the soundtrack too.
Fave type of music
All sorts, It really just depends what type of mood I’m in.
How old are you lol
22, Slowly creeping up to 23 ;(
Are you a cat or dog person
Cat.. if it wasn’t obvious :P
Fave book
I really don’t read a lot so I don’t have one. I did just finish the 4th Dexter book though (after having it for almost 3 years:P) and that was pretty good ^-^

If you won £5million on the lottery, what would you do
What wouldn’t I do? When Debbie first sent me this I read it all quickly just before bed, and I spent the following two hours trying to fall asleep while insanely planning how I would spend and invest that sort of money.
I would take care of my family, I would give to charity, hire a personal trainer, get more tattoos, invest by buying some properties, take my very first flight, visit every country I’ve ever wanted to, road trip across America, get married. Buy a home, learn to drive, get qualified up to the eyeballs, open my own salon/nail bar.. Jeez when I think about that kind of money, or even a fraction of that, it’s insane. The idea of being able to truly see the world carefree is a little overwhelming.

What inspires you
Anything from colour combinations, to patterns in magazines, clothing, nature, seasons, quite a lot really.

Share a quote that means a lot to you
I don’t have one.. well not one that’s overly inspiring.

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