Friday, 20 July 2012

Guest Post - Geeky Owl - For The Love of Green!

Hi Goddesses

I'm on Guest Blogger duty today over at The Geeky Owl, which is ALSO the subject of Friday Friends, which is coming up in a couple of hours :)

I've only known Kirsten for a few months, but we connected over a love of polish, Lost and nail art.   We both suffer from depression, and we've both written of it on the blog, so we try to look after each other on our down days.   I thought it would be appropriate to do a green mani, as green is the colour for depression awareness, but a happy green, not a murky, sad, gloomy green!

The base is one of my favourite green and one of my favourite polish names - Bossy Boots from Butter London.   It's a lovely soothing creamy mint.   I then layered it with Nostalgic Lacquer Envy - a sort of green version of Connect The Dots.   

Don't they look awesome together ?    I love how the glitter complements the base, yet stands out from the base.   I'm a known hater of hairy glitter, but even I don't mind the bar glitter in this one.

This is cool and fresh as a summer's day .... not that I'd know, living in England.

Enjoy xx :)
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